Tips to Prevent Injury During a Workout

Injury and workout have no relation at all! But most people force their union by believing that, “no pain, no workout.” Do you know why most people don’t exercise? Because they fear to limp or have sore muscles after several workouts. Some very talented athletes will only play for their local team. Why? Fear of injury. But should this be the case? Can you engage in workout and soccer for years and not experience any sore muscles? The answer is, yes! How?

3 Tips on How to Avoid Injury during an Exercise

1. Stretch out Before an Exercise

Your brain and muscles need adequate preparation. The first mistake you make is to wake up early in the morning and jump straight into vigorous exercises. The brain isn’t prepared enough to release that energy. The muscles too aren’t ready for that kind of work. There’s no proper coordination between the mind and all other parts of the body. So in such a case, how’d you avoided an accident?

Begin your workout by stretching. Do some simple warm-up exercises. Start with gentle dynamic stretches. Then go to static stretches. Take your time in these warm-ups and stretch-out exercises. They are as crucial as the vigorous workout. They prepare your body for your fitness exercises. Stretch-out and warm-ups prevent the pulling of your muscle, tendon, or ligament. If you’re already experiencing pain, apply pain spray around the painful area.

2. Understand Your Correct Form

Your form may be different from your friends. So stop copying his exercise routine. Understand your posture to avoid unnecessary injuries. Choose the weights and other exercises based on your position. As a result, you will benefit more as well as experience less swelling.

Most injuries are preventable. For example, you have a different form with your friend. If you decide to lift the same weight, chances are one of you will experience some soreness of the muscle or tendon.

Consider your height, weight, and size before choosing the workout. Usually, if you’re tall and with considerable body size, you can lift heavy weights. Your form matters much when selecting a workout to engage. If you pick the wrong exercise chances are that you’ll have sore muscles or injuries.

3. Hydration

Before you begin exercising, drink enough water. You can take two glasses of water before your warm-up and stretch exercises. Take two more as you finish your warm-ups and enter into vigorous workouts. Continue taking water even as you exercise to avoid dehydration. Water reduces inflammation and prevents painful muscle spasms. Some companies will sell you particular energy drinks. They will make you believe they are the best beverages during exercises. But remember they are out to make some profit from you. No liquid can beat water in hydration. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the workout. Some pains can come even after trying every tip.  Carry pain spray with you when going for the gym. It will ensure that you remain pain-free throughout the workout.


If pain has been hindering you from engaging in work out, then practice the above tips. You’ll begin enjoying your exercises.