Planning a Destination Wedding? You May Want to Look at Jacksonville, FL

By arya

Choosing a wedding venue is very important for any couple that wants to tie the knot. Most people want a beach setting and a place where they can see the ocean, and the weather is nice. If you are looking for such a spot, you should try Jacksonville, Florida.

Jacksonville offers spectacular scenery filled with natural beauty. In recent years, the area has become popular with couples that don’t want to spend so much on a destination wedding. The area is owing to the fact that it’s warmer than most places and has more than enough places to visit and activities to do.

Why Jacksonville is the Ideal Destination Wedding Location

Jacksonville or Jax, as the locals call it, is located on the northeastern side of Florida. This is the point where the St. John’s River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Most couples that have held their weddings here love the wonderful waterfront setting that the city has. Unlike Miami, this location is also a bit laid back, meaning that you can have a private destination wedding without drawing a lot of attention. It is also cheaper to host a wedding here. On average, you can spend about $20,000 to $25,000 to cover most wedding expenses. In Miami, that figure goes above the $30,000 mark.

Jacksonville Weather

Jacksonville is warm throughout the year with the coolest month being January. The rest of the months are generally warm with summer and spring being the hottest of time of them all. Most couples love to exchange vows during the fall because the temperatures are just right – it’s neither too cold nor too hot. However, since it is located next to the ocean, Jacksonville has a Hurricane season between July and September. If your wedding date is between these months, you should find a wedding venue with an indoor option.

Wedding Laws

Different states have various rules and regulations for couples that want to get married. In Jacksonville, the couples are required to have a marriage license prior to the wedding day. Since the state values tourists, the couples don’t have to wait for the marriage license to process. They get it as soon as they present their identification documents, which include the driver’s license and social security number for citizens. Non-citizens have to present their passports and any other relevant documentation. After the marriage license has been issued, it will be valid for 60 days. In addition, both couples have to be above the age of 18.

Things to do in the area

Jacksonville is a city that one can’t get easily bored. You can perform various activities and visit the different places shown below:

  • World-class golf courses – The city has outdone itself here. There are over 10 different world class golf courses. Some of them include Blue Sky Golf Club, Jacksonville Beach Golf Club, and Deercreek Country Club
  • Jacksonville beaches – The city is packed with beautiful white sandy beaches that cover over 22 miles
  • Art and cultural community – You can have a good time at the Cummer Museum or modern works of art at MOCA looking at the Renaissance masterpieces. You may also go enjoy some music at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival.

Jacksonville is a wonderful wedding destination because it not only offers magnificent scenery but also offers a cheaper option when compared to most locations in Florida. Even though the location plays a big role in the final outcome of the wedding, you should not forget to enjoy your big moment. Let the planner deal with most of the planning and wedding coordination.