The Protecting Power of Paper

Whether you’re a contractor or a do-it-yourselfer, you know that sometimes prep and clean-up surrounding a major project can be worse than the job itself. Doing it right means you must protect floors and nearby furnishings. Luckily, this can be accomplished easily with minimal effort

Spills Never Travel Upward

With painting, varnishing or even washing woodwork, inevitably gravity takes its toll. Unless you’re in space, spills unfortunately never travel upward, and when they fall they often splatter and make double the mess. That means taking extra time to clean up or risking damaging stains. On the other hand, if you’re protected with water-resistant Trimaco flooring paper, you can keep on working without the hassle.

Why Paper Works

The solution to protecting your surface should be simple and reliable. There are many reasons why paper makes sense for most projects. Depending on the type of work, you may need a product that won’t adhere to your floor or staircase. Sheets or drop cloths can stick and leave lint or film behind. Fabric isn’t spill-resistant either and may leak. With paper, you can fasten it down to stay in place. No slipping or sliding. This skid-free surface is much safer to work on, especially on stairs. It’s also rugged, meaning you put it down once and you’re good to go.

Safeguarding Refinished Floors

If you’re refinishing hardwood floors, then you’re aware of the magnitude of this project. It’s a job you only want to do once. You need a surface that you can maneuver over that doesn’t stick or scratch. Paper will create the perfect walkway to get you from one room to another without damaging the work that’s been done. Paper is breathable and lets air circulate, minimizing dry time.

During Kitchen Renovations

Painting, sanding or doing any kind of renovation to a kitchen is a precarious situation. There are numerous surfaces to protect. You need to think about countertops, stoves and other appliances. You can only do so much to protect each article, but covering with paper that can be cut to any size will save you time. When you’re finished, just fold it up and dispose of it.

Happy Home Owners

Finding a product that helps you get a job done efficiently not only makes a job go quicker, but it also makes the final outcome more attractive. When the product is as versatile as paper, you’ll find countless uses. Whether you’re the homeowner, or your customers are, you’ll be pleased with the clean and flawless result.