Keep Your Home Clean with These Top 5 Cordless Leaf Blowers

Remember those good ol’ days when you used to spend an entire day racking up leaves off your yard? Fortunately, we have found an easier solution to ease the quest today, and it is called Cordless Leaf Blowers. These machines make sure your garden looks absolutely neat, which is often lacking due to rakes or lawnmowers. Now, the question arises, where to look for the best deals? Let us walk you through the 5 best cordless leaf blowers available in Homethods

1. WORX AIR 20V (Multi-Purpose Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner)

If you are looking for a cordless leaf blower with an all-purpose solution for your home then WORX AIR 20V is the best deal for you. Though its power intensity is an 8 out of 10, the device packs multiple added services, like blowing, sweeping and cleaning off yards.

While the Worx Air is pristinely designed to clean leaves and dust, but the device itself is a multi-tasking machine with its attachments included in the package.

Proven to be a good use inside as well as outside of any house with a noise frequency of only 61dB!

Also, this device does not deal with the problem of “dust tornado”, which is a common issue for heavy leaf blowers blowing out air at 120 mph while pushing 80cfm of air.

However, the assortment of attachments makes up for the power as they add to the accuracy of cleanliness. This beast of a machine weighs only six pounds equipped with a battery of a power capacity of 20V 2.0mAh.

2. Makita DUB182Z 18V LXT (Compact/Ergonomic Handel/ Long Lasting Battery)

The Makita DUB182Z 18V LXT is a compact device powered by cells and is apt at maintaining foliage. It cleans dried up leaves smoothly with its high-end 179mph wind power while moving at 91cfm. The device is mainly meant for sorting out light tasks.

Even with a battery included, the device only weighs 3.9lbs; moreover, it comes with a user-friendly option of the ergonomic handle further lowering the likely stress on the users’ hands, wrists, and fingers.

One drawback that any users might experience due to the device’s low air volume. It has three speed settings and capable of reaching approximately 180mph. But it can even handle moist grass and heavy leaves.

A perfect fit for small yards and for users that prefer smaller devices those are equally powerful with a super long lasting battery life.

3. BLACK+DECKER LSW20 (Budget Friendly/ Built-in leaf scraper/ Quite)

Having a limited budget, the BLACK+DECKER LSW20 can be a compatible device that has the ability to handle a good number of fallen or dried leaves scattered all over a yard. Despite being a battery operated tool this device runs at 120mph while discharging 120cfm.

For a low budget device it comes with a Leaf scrapping attachment for the stubborn leaves, it is convenient for light duty.
Unfortunately, it comes with a slightly low battery life though it is expected that users will consider this device has much more to offer in this budget.

The device uses 20 volts of charge and lasts till 15 minutes of usage, and this would be the perfect choice for yards that require minimal maintenance.

4. DeWalt DCBL770X1 FLEXVOLT 60V (Extremely Powerful/ Walt batteries/ High Velocity)

DeWalt DCBL770X1 FLEXVOLT 60V is the best cordless leaf blower on this list. It is best known for its capacity of extensive uses due to being remarkably powerful. It runs at 129 mph and 423 cfm, which is almost similar to the backpack versions of leaf blowers. This device consists of an air concentrator with the ability to raise the airspeed up to 179mph.

Saying that this device has a 20V 9mAh battery lasting 20 minutes per usage time, and the cons associated with the device are comparatively more expensive as well as significant compared to other devices here.

But the fact cannot be denied that it offers the best service and can be a long term investment if handled with care.

5. Greenworks 24012 (Long Running/ Quick Charging/ Modestly Priced)

Comfortable and long-lasting is what they call the Greenworks 24012. This device captures the middle of the best to not so best cordless leaf blowers in the market. This is a decent budget device with a capacity to push 135cfm of air at 150mph.

The device has a 40V 2mAh battery while enabling the users with a run life of 30 minutes at most. The best part of this device is that it has a quick charging feature, so the users don’t have to wait for long following the initial use.

Although it may not be considered the strongest of all leaf blowers available with massive battery life and usability, it happens to be on the top list for every potential consumer.

It is recommended that the buyers consider as well as reconsider their requirements and afterward choose the best device depending on their budget, including the goals behind their investment plan.