Things That Make Up A Perfect Bathroom

By arya

It is a fact that on average, a person visits the toilet 2500 times a year, 6-8 times a day. This means, in an average lifetime, we spend 3 years on the toilet. This is quite a significant number. This means that it is very important to have a comfy and well-stocked bathroom setting.

Bathrooms these days are no less than a style statement. A clean, well-maintained bathroom, with modern cleaning facilities and the nice scent, is the aim of every housemaker. All this is not just for the use by occasional guests but equally needed for day-to-day use by family members too.

People have different ideas for keeping up their bathrooms-some chose to have unique styled bath accessories, while others prefer usability over style. The market is flooded with bathroom styles and accessories that are even a combo of uniqueness and usability. For example, walk-in baths and showers are making a signature style in bathrooms that provide bath accessibility to disable people. They not only look elegant but are very convenient for the members of your family and friends, who are suffering from any kind of mobility issues. Click here to see some modern options in walk-in baths and showers and make a choice that suits to your need.

Apart from special arrangements, every bathroom needs the following

1. Shower curtain and liner

A shower curtain is the necessity in the bathrooms with acrylic bathtub. This is required to keep the floors dry and avoid slipping incidents. The market is flooded with shower curtains with the variety of designs and features-transparent, floral print, abstract design, mold& mildew-proof.

2. Toothbrush holder

Toothbrush holder is one fancy item in the bathroom that comes in varied imaginative designs. The best suited are the ones which can provide usability. You can keep a simple tumbler shaped holder or chose the one with different compartments, especially which has the space for the bulgy electric toothbrushes. Other than counter-top, there are some wall-hanging options available for convenient accessibility.

3. Trash bin

A bathroom can’t go without a trash can. Use a trash can with a lid so as to hide the gross waste of the bathroom, instead of using the traditional open face small bins.

4. Durable bath mat

Just like shower curtains, bath mats also help in keeping the bathroom dry.Special U-shaped pedestal mats can also be placed in front of toilet seats.

5. Storage solutions.

Storage solutions which are large enough to hold all your bathroom stuffs, ranging from shampoo bottles, razors, towels, to cleaning liquids, are needed but these storage must not cover the major area of your bathroom. Choose the storage based on the size of your bathroom, for example, you can look for storage options that can be installed behind the toilets. This will make a smart use of the space, which otherwise would have gone waste.

6. Over-the-door hooks

These are perfect for keeping readily usable clothes, in an organized manner.

7. Bath & Hand towels

The set of bath towels along with hand towels, for personal use and that for the guests, should be found all the time in the bathroom. You can choose between colourful and white coloured towels, based on your personal taste.Install a looped towel hook or a freestanding towel stand or keep few of them in a wired basket while some must be stored in the cabinet.

8. Soothingly perfumed soap and hand wash

Washing hands with a pleasantsmelling soap or handwash give a luxury experience to the bathroom users.

9. A Mirror

You just can’t skip mirror. A bathroom sink comes in pair with a face mirror. You can also consider installing a mirrored cabinet set which can also provide an extra storage.

10. Cleaning wipes for quick clean-up

11. Plunger and toilet bowl cleaner

12. A bathroom freshener

Even if you clean the bathroom daily and keep the toilet clean, the bathrooms tend to accumulate foul smell. Nothing can spoil a mood than a bad smelling bathroom. Keep bathroom fresheners hanged all the time. Electric automatic diffusers are the easy, long-lasting options in the freshener’s range. Choose among hundreds of fragrances available in the market.

There can be additional things as well, which are majorly for feel-good ambiances, such as a flower vase, a candle stand, a toy, etc. Run your imaginative horses and have a beautiful bathroom.