It is True 60 is The New 30 in This Century

People are more aware of health and nutrition, allowing them to live longer. Today, 60 years old is not old at all. 60 is a prime age. Sixty-year-olds are leading full lives, still holding successful careers and in great physical shape.

Why 60 is rocking

Economic Shift

Big corporations that build you a home and take care of you after retirement are gone. The age of factory workers with lifelong benefits ended. Sixty is not the retirement age any more. Today, most people at sixty still need to work. Some work to stay afloat. On the other hand, there are those who are just starting new careers! Yes. Sixty-year-olds are redefining themselves. After paying bills and raising kids their entire adult life, the brave ones are turning on a new leaf and starting afresh. These are the new thirty-year-olds.

Valuable experience and exposure

At sixty, people shift their nature of work from physical tasks to more logical tasks. Sixty-year-olds hold vast knowledge and experience at work. They are involved in high-level decision making at work. For this reason, they are invaluable assets that companies do not want to let go. As a result, instead of fading into oblivion, sixty-year-olds are thriving. Today, sixty is prime age.

How 60 is rocking like the 30s

Better Nutrition

Folks at sixty are more aware of their diet rather than youngsters. At this prime age, they are even more conscious about what they eat. Most sixty people understand that healthy foods prevent most lifestyle diseases. The result is longer lifespans. With a whole life ahead of them, sixty feels like thirty all over again.

Exercise and Fitness Programs

Consistent exercise is keeping sixty-year-olds in great shape. At this prime age, many people have already been practising a fitness regime throughout their adult life, and they do not look aged at all. Since sixty has become a time of rediscovery, most folks are reigniting their commitment to exercise. With a lot to live for, people at sixty want to remain sharp more than ever.

Stress Management

Age can come with unprecedented psychological strain due to changing social-economic factors. However, with geriatric care, sixty-year-olds are managing stress better than in previous years. Today, people at sixty are not the stubborn type of yesteryears. They understand that good stress management leads to a stronger immune system and longer lifespan as a result. Sixty-year-olds are living a well balanced out life and reliving their thirties.

60 has become a turning point for most people. Instead of retreating to their cocoons, sixty-year-olds are taking more risks and living a fulfilling life. More people are showing a lot of vibrancy and a renewed outlook about life. Vast experience at work, at home and in the community combine to give today’s sixty-year-old an edge. At sixty, people may not be younger physically, but mentally they are more capable than a thirty-year-old.