Top Cost-Friendly Ways to Enhance Customer Experience at Your Hotel

Customer satisfaction becomes of paramount importance in the hospitality industry. This becomes the only way of retention and branding which are very necessary to survive in the longer run. Instead of following the herd, it is way past time you should start thinking of what can you do more to enhance customer experience at your hotel.

When asked, hotel owners often give the financial budget as a reason for not doing anything “extra” to enhance their customer experience. We have come up with a list of cost-friendly ways to improve the customer experience at your hotel or boutique. Here are a few.

A Follow Up Call Post Customer’s Booking

Now, this may seem very small and you might wonder if it is even necessary. Calling your customer after they have booked a suite at your boutique can amazingly enhance your customer experience. Just a “looking forward to your visit, sir” or a “glad that you have chosen to stay with us” can make a customer feel welcome, unlike other hotels. This will not only be good for your branding but you can also expect good feedback and ratings from your customers at the end of their visit.

The Welcoming Approach

Do everything you can to make your customers feel welcome at your hotel. Send a bouquet to their room once they have checked in along with a greeting card. Train your employees to be read your guests and treat them nicely. Present with whatever they asked with a polite demeanor. Make sure that you check your guest’s room before they enter and makes sure that everything is clean and in the right place. You can also provide them the contact number of someone in management whom they can contact in case of any issues. A bit of extra effort in hospitality can enhance the customer experience of your hotel.

Hotel Complimentary Products

Well, who doesn’t love complimentary products? You can offer cheap complimentary products to your customers and make sure that you let them know, subtly, about that. For instance, WiFi has become a basic necessity and every other hotel provides it. You can mention complimentary WiFi to your guests the moment they check in. You can also offer other hotel complimentary products like cups, towel, etc. Customers often take shampoo and other toiletries with them, anyway. Besides enhancing the customer experience, this can be very good for the branding of your hotel.

Earn and Reward Loyalty

These cost-friendly ways can be very effective in terms of earning the loyalty of your customers. Without good branding and great customer experience, customer retention becomes really tough in the hotel industry. This is why make sure to keep track of your customer’s visit history and reward their loyalty. Even a “welcome again, Mr. X” can be a way of rewarding loyalty.

There are many such ways of enhancing the customer experience at your hotel. You can buy online complimentary products for your hotel from a reputed store today! Sketch out a plan and start implementing to make your mark in the hospitality industry.