5 Simple Ways to Make Your House Feel Like a Luxury Mansion

Just because your home isn’t some Hollywood mega-mansion doesn’t mean that it can’t be luxurious. Even if you’re decorating a small home on a tight budget, there are tricks you can use to “wow” everyone who enters your home. It’s all in the narrative. Dress it right and you’ll have people talking about their time they spent at your house like the guests in The Great Gatsby.

It’s the Little Things

You may not be aware of it, but the next time you go into a nice hotel or expensive mansion make a concerted effort to look up at the ceiling and pick out the details. A subtle tactic that many designers utilize is adding crown molding between the ceiling and walls. This small finishing touch gives a room an added breath of elegance and décor. While it’s typically added to larger rooms, crown molding can be installed in any room for a relatively low cost.

Utilize Wall Space

High-end designers use walls to highlight something about their client’s taste, passions, or sense of style. When utilizing your own walls, it’s essential that you find a balance. You don’t want bare walls, but you also want to avoid turning a plain wall into a modern art installation. If you can, aim for minimalism.

Hanging photography or custom art is an easy way to augment a room and infuse it with personality. If you’re a world traveler, for example, you might want to consider displaying items that you’ve collected along the way. When done in a tasteful manner, masks, rugs, or other knickknacks can transform bland into exotic.

Emphasize the Master Bedroom

Your bedroom is the part of the house that’s most personal to you. You should invest a solid chunk of your budget on your master bedroom and ensure it’s a reflection of your tastes, passions, and lifestyle.

To that end, the bed should be the centerpiece. While most people will invest in a comfy mattress, many of them neglect to cover it with the proper sheets and duvet. Treat yourself and purchase some luxury bedding. Not only will you feel like royalty as you melt into your mattress, but you’ll look like it too.

Use Empty Space

Less is more. This principle transcends across multiple art forms and home design is no different. One of the simplest ways that hotels and luxury mansions exude a sense of lavishness is by ensuring that there is no clutter. Blank space is as luxurious as it is pleasing to the eye. Hotels exploit this phenomenon well.

Often, interior designers will take a minimalist approach in order to highlight key features in a room. Don’t know where to start? Consider removing unnecessary furniture and then sticking to the rule of threes when adding accessories to a table, wall, or countertop.

Although it may be easier said than done, encourage your family to put items away and clean up. Don’t let messes accumulate. Keep things tidy! Cleaning should be part of your routine. Luxury is not an overflowing hamper. Nor is it a stack of dishes in the sink. Least of all, it’s not a disorderly living room.

Flowers Add a Classy Touch

A cheap and easy way to facelift a room is by adding flowers. Have you ever stared at a clean and orderly dining room table, only to place a vase of flowers on it? What happened next? It’s likely that the entire room blossomed. This is the subtle art of the flower.

For the best results, consider placing flowers in any of these places:

  • Master bedroom
  • Guest bedroom
  • Entryway
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room

Upgrade Your Home

Enhancing the lavishness of your home doesn’t require gilded walls or a massive budget. Your goal should be to create a tidy space that is simple, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing. Extravagance is in the details. Hone in on this phenomenon and you’ll have no problem turning your house into a royal palace.

Bottom Line

Turning your average home into a luxury mansion doesn’t have to be a million dollar remodel deal. With a bit of feng shui, an apt understanding of minimalism, and the will to redesign, your dream luxury home can be a beautiful reality.