Four Foolproof Tips to Wear Printed Men’s Fashion Blazers

By arya

With the onset of spring, bright colors fill the earth with beauty and joy. The fashion industry too enjoys a bright season full of colors and patterns every spring. The months of spring always manage to bring out the vibrant side of fashion. This is the best time to be bold and colorful in your wardrobe choices too. There are many different ways to include these prints and patterns into your wardrobe. Colorful ties in vivid prints or printed socks can give your outfit a colorful lift without making it too busy or flashy. This is a good approach if you want to bring some seasonal changes to your wardrobe but not go overboard with it. However, if you’re ready to go all the way, you should consider printed shirts and blazers.

Printed shirts, t-shits, or shorts are perfect to get that casual summer look. You can also brighten up your semi-formal wardrobe with printed silk blazers and tuxedo blazers. An all-out printed suit works for this purpose. Tuxedo and silk blazers in bold prints and colors can give a great uplift to your party outfits. They look stylish as well as elegant. Here are some tips to wear printed fashion blazers to enhance your style.

Match with Neutral Colors

People often make the mistake of trying to match two or more bold and busy patterns and end up looking overly flashy. It is better to match a bold and colorful piece with a plain neutral color to keep the balance. Your main focus should be on highlighting the printed blazer. A printed shirt or tie can become a distraction taking the focus away from your blazer. Compliment your printed silk blazer with a neutral block color like white or cream. Pair it with formal trousers for a bright party look. For a more casual approach you can go for denims and t-shirts with your printed blazers.

Go For the Smart Casual Look

The smart casual look is timeless style that will always be in trend. If you have a printed tuxedo blazer, pick trouser and shirt in a color that brings out the pattern of the blazer. For bold colors, you can go for light neutral shirts and denims. However, for light colored prints, chose a darker shade for the shirt and maybe go for dark chinos to complete the look. For formal or semi formal wear too, select neutral colored shirt and pair them with trousers that go with the printed tuxedo blazer. This outfit looks sophisticated, smart, and at the same time bold and vibrant.

Mix and Match Patterns Sensibly

When playing around with patterns it is very important to be sensible and create an outfit that goes well together. Putting together two patterns that clash will only make you look loud and all over the place. Hence, you should ensure that the patterns in your outfit do not clash. Make sure that the pattern of your shirt goes well with the blazer. Smaller size patterns for shirts and bold large patterns for the blazer and vice-versa is a great place to start. Tone them down with some plain trousers or denim jeans.

Put Your Comfort First

The best accessory to any outfit is confidence! So always be confident in yourself and your choices. And this confidence comes with comfort. So make sure you are comfortable with the bold look of your outfit and wear it with confidence. If you’re not comfortable with some prints or colors, it is better to find something that compliments it, like a neutral shirt or trouser. If you’re not comfortable and happy with your outfit, it is bound to come out in your body language. So, wear what you love and love what you wear!

The recent rise of prints and patterns in men’s fashion trends reflects a bolder and braver approach to style. Including bold colors and patterns in your outfits is not just stylish, it also shows confidence. Moreover, a vivid palette can also signify a less conservative approach to life in the brighter months of spring and summer. When done right, printed shirts, blazers, ties, etc. can easily bring some color and pattern to your dull wardrobe.