5 Steps to Dressing Like a Dancer

By arya

It is no secret. The fashion industry often borrows ideas from the dance studio. The latest and greatest trend is the “ballet dancer” look. So, sit back and let us guide you through these fun fashions.

There are many different dances arenas, but if you want to get with today’s fashion trend, you will be dressing like a ballerina. Even if you have never worn a tutu or danced on your toes, there is a look for you in the world of ballet. Come along with us for some helpful steps you can take to help you look and feel like a superstar.

Step 1 – Leotards and bodysuits

No matter what kind of dance you wish to follow, you will need a leotard. A leotard is put on like a bathing suit. It covers the torso. The neckline can be anything you like. From sheer illusion tops to long-sleeves and open backs. There is no limit.

A bodysuit is very much like a leotard. They are cut the same, have the same styles and come in an array of patterns. The primary difference is the material they are made from. The bodysuit is supposed to be as tight as a second skin. It is made of fabrics that have extra flexibility. That is why they are usually made of Spandex. They usually have a snap-crotch to allow all-day wear. Invest in some quality leotards. Buying online is easy, click here to view page.

Step 2- Skirts


There is nothing more elegant than a tulle skirt. Wearing a full tulle skirt with a soft top lets you transition from an evening out with friends to an after-dinner party, effortlessly.


A wrap-around skirt hugs the hips. It wraps around the body and ties over one hip. It may be a flutter skirt, that is bare there or a skirt that falls between the thigh and knee. You can wear a wrap-around anytime. It is most popular with a leotard and tights.

Pleated Skirt

Wearing a full skirt with pleats takes the dance look to the streets. It is very pretty and feminine. The pleats flare over the hip and it is a skirt you can match with anything.

Step 3- Shoes

The great thing about dressing like a dancer is you have the freedom to express yourself. Wear ballet slippers with ribbons that are laced around the leg. Put on some great military boots with your pleated skirt. When you add taps, ballroom heals, and Hip Hop sneakers, there is not look you cannot achieve.

Step 4- Leggings, pants, tights

There seems to be some confusion about these three items and what is normal dancewear. The simple answer is they all are. They are three different things.

Tights are like thick pantyhose. They fit tight. They are made of moisture-wicking fabrics. Dancers wear them under their leotards. You can also wear them under a skirt. They have feet, so you will wear shoes with them.

Leggings are like tights, except they are open at the ankle (no feet.) Leggings are often worn with skirts, but they are primarily made to wear while exercising. They give support and protect modesty. You will usually see leggings paired with a sports bra, and sometimes a jacket.

Dance pants are made for comfort and warmth. They are not always worn, but sometimes they are allowed during practice. They fit loosely so you can move. Tights can be worn under them in cooler temperatures.

Step 5- Shirts, sweaters, jackets

These items are your traditional warm-up clothes. Feel free to wear your flannel shirt over your sports bra. Slip into a jacket that matches your leggings. Pull a warm sweater on over your leotard. These are the things you reach for when your day is done and you just want to be comfortable and warm.

As you can see, there are many ways to dress like a dancer. The thing is, there is no wrong way to wear your dance favorites. Use your imagination and go for a look just for you.