How Technology Can Improve Your Home Security

With the advancement of today’s modern technology, electronic gadget has become an integral part of our lives, whether at work or at home. Also, the growing popularity of ‘smart home’ products and various futuristic architecture scenarios, the concept of smart home and more practical home is more popular than ever. If you look at the technological landscape of 2019, then it is fair to say that the pace of innovation is impressive. Unmanned vehicles, unmanned aircraft, smart homes, and three-dimensional virtual reality are already here, and today’s youth do not even know how it was without social networks or mobile applications. These technologies are not only useful but also revolutionary. However, along with the growth of technology, the professionalism and resourcefulness of criminals are also growing. It can be painful to realize that someone else invaded our house, stole or spoiled things that are dear to us.

That’s why ‘Home Security’ is one of the biggest concerns of 2019. Home security system companies like Alarmrelay provides UL Listed and CSAA Five Diamond Certified security to your house that secures your house from crimes and disasters. What was only feasible in a Sci-Fi movie some years ago, is a reality now. The digitalization of everything has made life more convenient. We have listed some modern technology that can help you to secure your house from unwanted guests and disasters.

Remote Monitoring

Remote video surveillance is becoming more popular every day, and with the advent of special cloud services, its availability is growing. With the help of Remote video surveillance, you can monitor what is happening in front of CCTV cameras online from virtually anywhere in the world. All that is needed for this is internet access. It can be useful in different life situations, for example, to monitor the actions of the nurse caring for the child, the progress of the repair or the construction of the house by the workers, monitor your house when you are away, etc. It also provides an opportunity to analyze events that have already occurred, since all information from cameras is usually recorded and can be viewed at any time. It is a reliable way to achieve complete control and presence at home in your absence.

Smart Locks

Door locks are one of the surprising advents of today’s technology. Initially, they opened exclusively after entering the PIN-code, but now there are many more interesting models. There are electronic locks with NFC that opens with a smartphone, which has a corresponding chip. Also, now we have a biometric lock that has a fingerprint scanner. Its memory can save patterns of the fingers of several people at once, which allows the use of the castle to numerous employees. Many smart electronic door locks have a numeric keypad. This means that you can open them and the usual method – by dialing the appropriate code. Some models are able to boast a microphone, which allows you to talk to the visitor while sitting in the room.

Home Sensors

Home sensors can be divided into two categories i.e. motion sensors and sensors for tracking environmental parameters. The principle of motion sensors is based on the technology of tracking changes in ultrasonic and infrared fields. These sensors are widely used in security systems and automatic light control. You can also set it up to inform you if it finds any unusual movement in the house in your absence. Other environmental sensors are gas leakage sensors, fire detectors, water pressure sensors, etc. You can control all sensors via a mobile application from anywhere where there is access to the network.

Smart Garage

Modern technology has made controlling your garage easier than ever. Now you can open the garage door from your smartphone. That means, you longer have to look for keys or hid it under the carpet. You can remotely access the door, and open it for guests even if you want them to use your car. The garage is also not always near the house and thus it is difficult to keep track of the garage. Modern equipment promptly reports the presence of an outsider in the garage, gas leakage, and other problems, and notifies you through an email or text.

Smart Camera

In most cases, burglars ring the doorbell before opening it to make sure that no one is at home. A smart camera is one of the most effective ways to increase this very security. These cameras have different characteristics, transmit an analog or digital image, have a different viewing angle, infrared illumination, some can even rotate independently. Due to the video analytics of these cameras, the system is able to recognize actions or objects that carry a threat. Digital cameras identify individuals, cars and their license plates. If you set the setting to “pets”, the system will respond exclusively to uninvited guests during the absence of the owners. They are also designed to withstand rain for several hours which allows you to install it even outside the house.

Thus, modern technologies have already significantly improved our lives, but in the future, they will be able to improve it many times. It increases comfort and safety, as well as improves the burglary protection. With the help of video cameras, automatic locks, tracking systems, motion sensors, and a fingerprint scanner, you can create a truly reliable protection system.