What are the Options in Shirts and T-Shirts for Men?

By arya

When you talk about shopping, the foremost thing that comes to mind is women. Well, don’t you feel it is really cliché? Well, there are men who absolutely love to buy clothes and they are absolutely passionate about the kinds of shirts, t-shirts, pants, lowers, shorts, jeans and other outfits they can choose from.

Whether you purchase clothes from US Polo Assn online shop or you buy clothes from your nearby local store; you have to buy them. You must elevate your lifestyle with the streak of clothes that can give your personality richness. There are plenty of options that have to be explored. Don’t feel there is no variety for men and there is no fashion for them; it is just a notion. Once you peep into the varieties available in men’s clothes; you are going to be amazed for sure. Have a look at some of the kinds of t-shirts and shirts for men below:

Polo Shirts

Speaking of Polo shirts, these are absolutely popular and loved by men. A polo shirt is also called by the name of tennis shirt or golf shirt. It is a kind of shirt that has a collar, a placket having characteristically two or three buttons and a non-compulsory pocket. All these three terms could be used interchangeably. Theshirts are available in huge variety and there are myriad of shades too. These clothing options are ideal for walks, physical activities and so on.

V-neck T-Shirt

Speaking of a V-neck shirt; this type of neck forms an appearance of a longer neck. This is the reason that many males often look for V-neck T-shirts. You can easily explore and find printed to slim type t-shirts that too inside your budget. You would also find huge options in shades and designs.

A Henley shirt

When you speak of a Henley shirt, it is a collarless pullover shirt. It is categorized by a placket underneath round neckline that is about three to five inches long and usually having two to five buttons. Henley shirts are mostly loved as menswear, but the versions of women have also come up as casual wear or business wear also.

Graphic T-Shirt

Graphic t-shirts are just like printed T-shirt. It is a t-shirt or shirt that possesses an image, a design, a pattern, a pattern or lettering on it. These printings are done with the assistance of textile printing. There are various types of printed T-shirts available. If you love to read and say sayings,then you can get some exciting and wonderful t-shirts or shirts in quotes too. There are characters, cartoons, figures and everything splashed out there on these types of shirts.

Striped T-Shirt

The men’s striped t-shirts are a must-have for every season. There are choices available in these t-shirts such as horizontal or vertical stripes, dense or thin stripes, black, white or vibrant coloured stripes. Many males love to wear striped t-shirts. In case, you have never tried these t-shirts yet, you must give them a try now.

Thus, since you have so many options out there to choose from, why not just grab them for your wardrobe?