A Guy’s Honest Engagement Ring Buying Guide

By arya

Buying an engagement ring is an entirely new experience for most guys. Jewelry shopping for intricate gems and finding the perfect look for your loved one can be nerve-wracking. You want to impress them, not disappoint them, so it’s time to learn some new information.

When you’re trying to find a ring for your partner, there are four important things to look at. They are called the Four C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat. Let’s go into these C’s and learn about how to use them to find the perfect handmade engagement rings for your loved one.

Diamond Cut

This is one of the most important things to focus on when choosing a ring. It controls how the diamond will sparkle, bringing out the best in each gem. Cuts determine how light is reflected, with ideal cuts having light reflect out of the top of the diamond. Shallow or deep cuts can result in light escaping from the side or bottom of the diamond, leading to less shine.

Diamond Color

Color is rated on a scale, with D being almost devoid of color. These are very rare and are more expensive than diamonds at grade G or J. G diamonds are near colorless, making them a great option for rings. They may have a slight yellow tone, but this is hard to see unless it is compared side-by-side with a diamond of a better color grade.

Diamond Clarity

Clarity is the assessment of any surface flaws on the diamond as well as anything internal. These blemished can affect the diamond, making it look less bright or altering how light is refracted. Almost all diamonds have blemishes in or on them, so this is not a very important factor to dwell on. Simply make sure that there are no flaws that can be seen with the naked eye.

Diamond Carat

Carats refer to the weight of diamonds, not the size as most people think. When choosing a carat, it is recommended to buy a size slightly below the full weight. If a diamond weighs 1.7 carats, it is much less expensive than a diamond weighing 2 carats. This could save you money as well as help you find a better ring with a slightly smaller weight.

Buying a ring for your partner is an important decision and being informed before you start shopping is wise. These are the main things to consider when purchasing a ring for your future spouse. Diamond cut plays a large role in how your diamond will look when the light hits it. Color varies from nearly colorless to a warm yellow in lower color grades.

Every diamond has some type of imperfection, but clarity is important when making sure no flaws are visible to the naked eye. The carat of a diamond is its weight and finding diamonds with uneven weights can save you money and time when shopping for an engagement ring that is out of this world.