Mangalsutra Designs For The Trendy and Young (At Heart) Woman

By arya

Meet Kampri. That’s how she likes to be called. That is Kam as in jam, and pri to rhyme with tree. Kampri is short for Kamalapriyadarshini. Yes, that was the name given to her at the time of her Namakaranam, the naming ceremony that was celebrated when Kampri was eleven days old, in her mother’s ancestral home, with great pomp and grandeur. The name was carefully chosen, with great thought and consideration for sentiments of all in the family. It was a combination of the names of Kampri’s three grandmothers. Kamalambika – Kampri’s paternal grandmother, Priyamvada – her maternal grandmother, and Divyadarshini – her paternal grandmother’s elder sister, who didn’t marry, and so might never have a grandchild named after her.

Kampri, a 24-year-old management professional in a multinational IT company, is getting married this September. She is a typical representative of a generation of young people in our country, who are a likeable mix of the modern and the tradition. The kind of young girl who still respects the institution of marriage, and will want to wear a gold mangalsutra round her neck at all times after she is married. And the kind of girl who is still fashionable and trendy enough to want to experiment with her jewellery and look.

Vaibhav Jewellers has mangalsutra designs that are just perfect for the Kampris of the world. Here are some of them:

The ones for dressy occasions

Some occasions require a dressed-up look, and the call for a grand accessory. And if you don’t want to wear an additional necklace along with your mangalsutra, just wear a grand mangalsutra! Like this multi-strand one with pretty pearl and sparkling stone accents and central pendant. If someone doesn’t compliment you for this mangalsutra beauty, the reason is sheer jealousy.

The ones you can wear on a daily basis – outfit neutral

Kampri wears an assortment of outfits to work. And sometimes she’s too busy to change jewellery. So, Kampri could choose from a range of designs that are most suitable for daily wear, and match all kinds of outfits that most young, working, Indian girls wear these days. It could be Indian or fusion. Like the couple of designs shown here.

The ones you can wear with Western outfits

Vaibhav has some very unique mangalsutra designs that are ideal accessories for Western outfits. Whether you choose to wear trouser suits, skirt suits, dresses or evening gowns, these are going to be tough to choose just one from. You’ll feel like possessing them all. Kampri will be thrilled with these.

Here’s a sneak peak at a few…

And, of course, the traditional ones

There are of course several choices in the traditional mangalsutras, the ones grandma would love to see you wearing.

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And, they also have diamond mangalsutras and why women wear mangalsutra! But, hey, that’s for another day.