5 Best Cities to Visit in Europe

By arya

Europe is a vast continent with beautiful travel destinations. While some trips can be expensive, some are inexpensive and will never burn a hole in your pocket. Europe has varied scenes and culture as move across the continent, exploring the wonderful towns and cities with rich history and modernity. If you are planning to do a Europe tour soon, here is a list of five cities to visit in Europe.

Rome, Italy

Most of us have read about Italy, especially Rome. It is essentially one of the important cities that served as the hubbub of western European culture. People all over the world visit this city every day to witness its beautiful architecture and culture.

It is a romantic city with warm and welcoming people. While parts of the ancient architecture are ruined, people from every corner if the world comes to witness the beautiful sight. The ruins include buildings of churches and more important European buildings in the Vatican City and the Colosseum. Also, the food is delicious, which includes pizzas, pasta, and more.

Barcelona, Spain

Watch the sunset in the city for an amazing surreal experience. The monuments in the city of Barcelona should not be given a miss, especially, La Sagrada Familia monument, which has significant historical value. Also if you are an art and history buff, do visit the Picasso Museum. If you are staying for a more extended period I. The city, enjoy the nightlife of Barca, as the locals call it.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It is a treasure haven for a student. Popular attractions of the city include the Van Gogh Museum and the Red Light District. If you are interested in the life of Anne Frank, you can also visit her house in Amsterdam.

You can have the best experiences in Europe and its authentic mix of various cultures right here. You can rent out a bicycle and have a relaxing coffee at the end of the day in some of the quaint and beautiful cafes in the city. If you are having been planning for a European trip filled with adventure, start with this beautiful city.

Athens, Greece

If you are a geek for Greek mythology, this is the city for you. It is beautiful and brimming with political streets with amazing murals all across the city. Popular tourist attractions include Athena’s Temple and Theatre Of Dionysus. If you are into backpacking, Athens in Greece is a great city to initiate the trip.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Experience the sophistication of England in the city of amazing Edinburgh. It is very similar to London in England; however, it does not have the crowds of London. You can relax and explore the city and visit famous sites such as Camera Obscura and Arthur’s Seat. The National Museum of Scotland has some fantastic pieces by Van Gogh, Botticelli, Magritte and many more acclaimed historic art pieces.

So now that you have read about the best cities to visit in Europe, it is time to pack your bags and set off.