Which are The 10 Stunning Quartzite Worktop Surfaces for Your Kitchen?

The no maintenance characteristic of quartzite worktop materials are becoming one of the reliable alternatives due to its non-porous composition. Moreover, these worktops come in new trendy styles and finishes enhancing your kitchen decor.

When looking for new kitchen countertops, you might like to consider the material that is easier to clean without putting in much effort and time. Quartzite worktop materials are non-porous, hence resistant to germs and bacteria and don’t even require much cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, these are becoming popular in busy kitchens.

Here is a list of the 10 stunning quartzite worktop materials that are trendy and will look amazing in your kitchen:

1.Macaubas White: Macaubas White worktop material never fails to impress anyone due to its incredible appearance, tremendous versatility and natural resistance to stains, spills, heat and impact. It is perfect to bring a natural and homely appeal to any traditional or contemporary kitchen interior.

2.San Simone: This quartzite is a natural stone that comes from Brazil. San Simone boasts bright white backdrop with a stunning veined pattern in black. This natural white quartzite has been designed to bring the beauty of marble into your kitchen without the risks that are associated with marble. It works more like granite and is much stronger than marble and limestone.

3.Bianco Eclipse: This is the new quartz that is designed to evoke the beauty of natural Bianca Eclipsia quartzite. Bianco Eclipse boasts a light grey backdrop with strong dark veins running across the contrasting surface. Besides its natural appearance, this grey quartzite adds value to your home.

4.Calacatta Brazil: This is the purest Calacatta marble that looks like natural marble, but it doesn’t carry the risks associated with marble. If you want to install Calacatta marble in your kitchen but feeling worried about etching and stains, Calacatta Brazil is a perfect choice. It also offers higher resistance compared to granite.

5.Belvedere quartzite: It is a natural stone boasting sophisticated black backdrop with a white and beige veined pattern. Apart from its elegant pattern, these stones come in different finishes that are suitable for any interior decor. Its polished finish has a high-gloss sheen that makes it ideal for rooms that need a wow factor. Belvedere quartzite also comes in leather or Satin finish to add striking appeal to any interior or theme.

6.Super White quartzite: Available in various colour variations – from off-white to white-grey – this natural stone features big and small grey veins that vary in both shade and pattern. This worktop material is also called Bianco Eclipse granite that resembles Moon Rock granite in appearance without the risks of granite.

7.Mother of Pearl Quartzite: Available in beige and cream colours, this natural non-porous stone is highly resistant to fire, heat, stain, UV-rays, etches and scratches. Therefore, Mother of Pearl Quartzite is perfect to be used in both interior and exterior settings, such as flooring, fireplace, worktop, bench top, vanity tops, washbasin, wall cladding, wet rooms, saunas and more.

8.Sensa Taj Mahal: It comes in off-white to a white background with random veining in ochre and ivory tones. Sensa Taj Mahal is a famous stone, available in large slabs with seamless glossy finishing. It is non-porous in nature and hence, ideal for both interior and exterior environments.

9.Sensa White Macaubas: This quartzite material also comes in bright white to off-white colour variations. Its large slab looks stunning in bathroom and kitchen countertops that require bacteria and germ resistant surfaces, which also need less maintenance and cleaning on regular basis.

10.Emerald Green quartzite: Boasting gorgeous green background, this stone comprises different patterns of veins and spots in blue, grey and white.

Emerald Green quartzite comes in the polished finish that enables the stone to showcase its crystalline properties and natural radiance. The stone is named after its glossy green backdrop, known for its elegance and translucency.