Online Dating: Does Education Matter?

This is a difficult question to answer. Ask anyone that, and you’ll get mixed answers. Some see it as crucial. And others could care less. After all, there are successful people from all walks of life. Some succeeded without an education (especially in entrepreneurship). Others got far with their degrees. So which camp should you target? This is what we’ll answer today. Below, we’ll provide arguments (for and against) each side. We’ll then give you a conclusion to those arguments!

First – Why Education Might Matter.

For starters, a degree guarantees better job opportunities. So you’re dealing with someone who can get a job fast. And as long-term partners, you worry less about finances.

Also – Easy Judgment.

It’s easy to judge someone by their academic achievements. But, it’s harder judging someone’s professional accomplishments. With academia, you know the time a person has spent learning. You get to see their work ethic in their degrees. Especially if they’re holding Masters and PHDs. And this is our next point…

Dating Someone With a Higher Education.

Maybe that’s what you’re looking for. Some niche dating websites offer specifically that (check Elite singles review). There, you date professionals. And you can date people by their job types too! Basically, you look for highly educated people. And that’s an excellent market for many reasons. First, it lets you find someone with a similar education background. So, it gives you something to talk about. It also gives you a person that’s likeminded. And you’re assured that they share similar interests to you. And this can lead far. With similar experiences, your long-term relationship combines dating and careers!

Now – Cons of Dating by Education.

You limit your market. There are many amazing people without higher education. In fact, there are many successful people that lack a high school education! Their experience is entirely concrete. It’s based on working and dealing with the real job market. You shouldn’t discount such individuals. You eliminate an interesting portion of the dating market from your radar.

Another Con – Not Good Internationally.

Maybe you have exotic tastes. But you still want someone with a similar education to yours. This is a harder need to fulfill, even online. Often, if you find a suitable match, you’ll compromise one for the other. So dating by education works with local prospects. And in some cases, it works in countries that speak the same language as yours.

Second – Why Education Might Not Matter.

There are other ways to judge dating prospects. For starters, let’s look at priority. Maybe you’re dating online for hookups, instead of a long-term relationship. In that case, why care about education? You just want a sex partner. And in that case, you prioritize attractiveness and convenience.

Looking Beyond Education.

There’s career too. What if a person’s career is better than their education? What if they own a business, or have a job they earned through amassed experience? Isn’t that better than an “unused” diploma? Now, it’s nice if someone works what they studied. But that’s not the case with many people. Often, people’s jobs have nothing to do with their diplomas. And they find their work a whole new education experience. So look at the person’s job. Look at what they do, and why!

Third – Rapport.

That’s hard to establish when dating online. But if you want, “education” isn’t the best context. Better ones include hobbies, shared struggles, similar careers, or even similar social interests! Why? Because most people aren’t passionate about their educations. Their feelings tend to lie elsewhere. And to truly connect with such people, look for where their feelings like.

Final Advice – How to Judge Prospects.

Start by analyzing yourself. What are your priorities? Why are you dating online? Are you doing it for quick hookup? If so, you can throw away education and focus on physically attractive matches. Or do you want a long-term relationship? If so, there are many interests to judge by. Education is one criterion to filter prospects.

If You’re Less Open – Keep it Niche.

Many dating sites exist that service special markets. If education matters to you, look for those markets. You’ll have an easy time finding likeminded professionals, without sifting through many unnecessary options!