6 Awesome Bedroom Design Trends for Summer 2019

This year, the use of natural materials is a top decor trend. Incorporating natural elements with vibrant colors while also incorporating designs that will last is all the rage right now. Sustainability and an eco-friendly environment are topping design trends for various reasons and while the latest bedroom designs promote a more comfortable feel, it is unlikely that you will tire of the look anytime soon, which is great. Here are 6 incredible bedroom designs for summer 2019 that will surely grab your attention.

#1 Back To The 1970s

The 70s have made a come back in bedroom designs, although, 2019’s take on the 70s is slightly different as simplicity and upbeat colors are incorporated with sleek geometric prints and attractive lighting. Natural colors are used to create the backdrop for an elegant and timeless design look that will ensure optimal comfort for the calming bedroom design. Statement lighting is a key factor for a 70s bedroom look and lamptwist.com has a wide range of lighting solutions that will provide complimenting options.

In order to achieve this design, you will need to avoid clutter and opt for at least one bold accent color to enhance statement pieces.

#2 Extraordinary Textures

The use of varying textures for bedroom designs is trending. Incorporating natural tones with beautiful textiles is a fashionable trend for bedding designs that enhances an earthy and comfortable atmosphere. Knitted fabrics and crochet pillows are just some of the many amazing textures that are being used as statement fabrics to achieve a bohemian bedroom look. Use varying textures on scatter pillows and throws to take advantage of this summer bedroom design for 2019 that is rapidly increasing in popularity. Adequate lighting is always important for the bedroom and for a bohemian look, a simple floor lamp will be complimentary and eye-catching.

While textured scatter cushions and chunky woolen throws are extremely fashionable for bedroom decor, a statement faux fur rug will add additional texture and compliment a calming indoor design.

#3 Varying Patterns

Overusing different patterns may previously have been avoided in indoor design. However, clashing patterns in earthy natural colors and bold colors is currently a popular bedroom design plan. This design encourages a minimalist lifestyle because bold and varying patterns along with a cluttered mess will be extremely unsightly. Achieving this design may be a bit tricky as varying bold patterns will need to compliment one another and accommodate existing furniture. Opt for lamp shades with bold patterns and varying complimentary scatter cushions. Ensure that wall art and all design aspects balance to prevent a chaotic design.

#4 The Mid-Century Look

The bohemian decor craze may be extremely popular at the moment, although, if the comfortable textures and earthy style does not appeal to you, perhaps a mid-century design is what you are looking for. This design incorporates the use of simplicity and sleek lines to promote a luxurious bedroom feel. Pendant lighting is perfect for a mid-century look that will ultimately tie the elegant design plan together.

#5 Rustic Statement

Rustic indoor designs are extremely popular. The natural yet bold appeal of rustic-look furnitures, such as paneled headboards and worn cupboards is encouraging individuals to repurpose old furniture and items rather than spend a fortune on new things. To create a rustic bedroom look, opting for wood furnishings and natural colors is ideal. Copper lighting options will fit perfectly with the natural atmosphere of a rustic bedroom and light wall paint is most suitable to draw attention to the chosen accent pieces, such as attractive copper lighting.

#6 Tropical And Exotic

This look requires plain white bedding and a blue or green decorative throw. Exotic patterns on scatter cushions will promote a tropical design plan and opting for extravagant and bold wallpaper with a leafy pattern will truly tie the design together. Additionally, for a tropical atmosphere, add a soft thick rug in a warm brown or beige tone to finish the look and add comfort to the room. Simple lighting, such as matching blue lampshades will be suitable for this design.

Incorporating Different Design Plans

Most of the popular bedroom designs for 2019 are long lasting and comfort promoting designs that can be merged together to create a unique bedroom. If you cannot settle on one design, there is no reason why you cannot mix and match by merging two different designs together. A combination of a rustic and a bohemian bedroom is nothing unusual, and even a mid-century design can include the use of beautiful textures to add personal interest into your space.

When considering your ideal bedroom design, be sure to include adequate and suitable lighting. While smaller rooms may only require two matching bedside lamps, larger rooms may need 3-4 light sources that compliment one another and the design of the room.