Unusual Weddings Ceremonies – Not All Brides Love Roses and Pastels

By arya

Have you ever wondered who decides if an event is chic? At what point does elegance become overkill? Even as teenagers when we fantasize about our wedding day, we instinctively think of a white gown. This is lovely and widely accepted. But, some brides dance to a different tune. This is the bride who turns away from what is accepted as bridal chic and designs their wedding in the order of class and elegance. This is the bride who breaks the “rules” and refuses to let anyone dictate how her special day will form.

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Some bridal shops refuse to face the undeniable fact that modern women want choices. This is one reason why Azazie black wedding dresses are so popular. Leaders in the industry do not just find a bridesmaid dress in black and try to glam it up. They have actual wedding gowns and accessories for the bride who is going ultra-chic in rich elegance.

Absolute Perfection

Black has always been considered as the color for formal wear for men and women. The elegant bride in black will dress her bridesmaids in chic colors that will frame her well. Think of a warm hue of gray. Silver, deep purple, and champagne are also good choices for the bride in black.

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Unusual Ceremonies

There are many ways you can have a different kind of wedding. Maybe you want to look up wedding customs from your ancestors. Or maybe, you want to invent your own. Here are a few examples of brides looking to the past to create a new custom.

Shake it up with a fun reception

You have chosen the perfect venue, and you have planned a ceremony fit for a queen. You have crystal chandeliers and the perfect boutiques of orchids. Now it is time for the reception. Wow your guests, when you show them how celebrating, is done. The reception is completely opposite of what your guests have seen this far. The reception area is decked out in hues of red. There are shockingly large floral arrangements hanging above the entire reception hall. Open the dance floor and put to work you modern day music professional. This wedding gives you the best of both worlds.

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Twilight wedding

Use strings of white or clear lights to make the trees around you look magical. Wrap a wreath behind the minister with strings of lights hanging down forming a beautiful faux wall. Create a signature cocktail and rent a fountain so guests can serve themselves.

The Wedding Officiant

The officiant of your wedding is very important as it will sometimes change the tone of the entire ceremony. For example, maybe the bride was raised Catholic and her family is vested in the faith, but the groom is an atheist and his family holds firm to that idea. It is obvious that the families will not budge on this issue, so you may need to resort to the unusual.

If you live in California, you are in luck. In California, any citizen can pay a $51.00 fee to buy a 1-day Designation of Deputy Commissioner of marriage. This means any of your friends or family member can marry you on that specific date. Other options include the Mayor of your town, the Justice of the Peace, and in some states the county clerk.

Another option is to get married at the courthouse so anyone can perform the ceremony. The marriage is legal. At that point, it does not matter who runs the service, because they do not need authorization.

If you would like to find marriage traditions based on your ancestry, click here.

Wear your beautiful black wedding gown. Drape your bridesmaids in beautiful gowns of your favorite colors, carry orchids create a sacred union. This is your moment. Make it everything you want it to be. Take it all in and be stunning