Packing Tips for First Time Home Movers

By arya

Moving to a new house generally means a lot of things some of which is shifting to a new neighbourhood, finding new people, the new experience of living in a new home and also an opportunity to redecorate. All these things seem fun but the main issue is the packing and moving. Ideally you should start packing at least a month in advance as the last one or two weeks becomes too hectic to be left only for packing. And if you are moving to a distant place then consider hiring long distance movers. Here we have a step by step guide for your packing to start with get packing boxes, a marker and start the packing area wise.

1. Marking the boxes

Marking is very important as it will help you easily identify which box belongs where. So mark the boxes on both sides and even add labels like breakable or fragile for convenience. This will help in quick and easy identification of items and will speed up the moving process.

2. Packing the Kitchen

The items in kitchen can be classified as steel utensils, breakables, crokery, food items and spices. Pack each category separately so that it is easy to locate and unpack accordingly. Use the sturdiest box to pack the heavy steel items and then carry on with the others. Once you are done with packing all the different items in different boxes then label each box with the marker for easy identification. And don’t forget to use bubblewrap for the breakable items. And after packing also mark which side is up to avoid any damage.

3. Packing the Bathroom

Packing bathroom stuff is relatively easy as there isn’t much to pack however if you dont want to make a mess then place polythene pieces under the lids of each items to avoid any spillage. Things like toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Should be packed in a handy place as you will need them immediately on moving to your next house.

4. Wardrobe and cabinets require more boxes

For this task several boxes will be required. Pack the clothes that needs to be washed separately and label it as the laundry box and put all the clean clothes in another box and label it. It is advisable to pack all the expensive suits and sarees in the luggage and don’t leave it with the movers.

Then pack the shoes and other footwears in a different box and label the box. Following that pack all the make up stuff in bubblewraps and in case you run out of bubblewraps then you can also opt to roll them inside a blanket and then pack it.

5. Be careful with Home Appliances

The TV, refrigerator, oven and other appliances are all breakables and need to be carried safely so it is recommended that you use the box and thermocol packings that they came with to pack them. Also when loading place these items close to the driver cabin as that is where the things will feel the least of bumps.

6. Packing other valuables

Other valuable items like car keys, personal documents, important papers, insurance, etc. Should be packed safely in a folder and kept in the handbag. Pack all basic necessities like pillow, phone chargers, cosmetics etc. In a handy spot as these will be some of the first things that you will need on reaching your new home.

These were the basic as well as the most important points that you need to keep in mind before you pack and move to your new house. Additionally, count all your boxes and make sure you reach your new home before the movers do and then unload and place everything accordingly. Goodluck with the shifting and all the best wishes for your new home.