Light Up Your House with Some Unique Diwali Diyas

Diwali is just around the corner, and people are prepping up for the big celebration of the festival of lights. It is the day to celebrate the victory of good over evil when Rama and Sita returned from their fourteen years of exile to Ayodhya. To welcome and congratulate them the people of Ayodhya lighted up their way from the very start of the village till the castle, and since then this day is celebrated as Diwali every year.

There are so many different kinds of Diyas with which you can add a bright touch to your Diwali celebration. The creativity in making Diya is limitless; they are made in so many different shapes, colours, sizes, and designs. You can now buy Diwali candles and gift them to your friends or family or decorate your own house for this day. And if you want to try some unique and different diyas then, here are some Diya types to add that special light to your houses along with beauty-

1. Clay Diyas

Clay Diyaas simple and classic diyas that you can get anywhere. These clay diyas are usually handmade, and they never fail to add that bright light in your home and its surrounding.

2. Gold/Silver Diyas

A Diya is something that adds that extra light to your houses, and when you decorate your house with it you want it to be the best too. So if you want to decorate it in a grand way then go for Gold/Silver diyas. It is like a forever investment, they are shiny and elegant. The best part is you can get them cleaned and use them again every year

3. Five-in-One Laxmi Ganesha Diyas

These kinds of diyas are a must to complete your Diwali celebration as well as its decoration. It has a mini Laxmi and Ganesha statue with five diyas attached to it. They are available in many different designs and patterns, like- a mini-temple, a thali, etc.

4. Studded Colorful Diyas

There are also diyas that are decorated with special beads, sequins, glass pieces, etc. These go a step further to reflect light a thousand times more than plain diyas, which gives a divine glow to any space that is decorated by it.

5. Scented Diyas

Scented Diyas are something that not only adds to the decoration and brightness but also spreads a sweet smell around. So, if you have invited your guests over this Diwali then these can be the perfect Diwali diyas for your house.

6. Floating Diyas

Floating diyas adds that special touch of light to your Diwali decoration. These floating diyas are basically made up of wax, so when they are lighted-up and kept in the water, they float. They are available in many shapes, designs, and sizes.

7. Huge Carved Diya

Do you want to decorate your house with showpieces that stand out? Well, then you should go for these Huge-Carved Designer Diya showpieces. It will bring so much light as well as add that touch of beauty to your home decor.

8. Electric Diyas

These are one of the best kinds of Diyas, as they are durable as well as easy to maintain. They are basically lights made in the shape of Diyas. If you have kids at home then this can be your best alternative for Diyas to decorate in your home.

Also, now there are so many online portals to ease your effort of going out for Diwali shopping to get candles and diyas, as you can now buy Diwali candles online in India.