La Dolce Vita: Few Tips for Your Trip to Italy

Italy is a beautiful country and we all know that: la dolce vita, pasta, culture, and the incredibly welcoming spirit of its people. An area surely worth of visiting is Sicily. Imagine yourself in amazing apartments in Sicily facing beautiful landscapes, remains of what Magna Graecia was, and good food.

Everything you can think about when you are picturing Italy, am I right?

Read with us and discover how to make the best of this magnificent place, and organize a wonderful vacation.


We can start the list of the best things to experience in Sicily with its capital: Palermo. It is very rich in history and baroque art, so if you like churches and palaces, this is your go-to destination. Among its main attractions, it has the Norman Palace, Palermo Cathedral, Massimo Theatre, Ballarò Market. Not far from it there is Monreale Cathedral, with its 2200 kg of pure gold.


It is a picturesque corner of Sicily, the fishing village with its colorful soul is the perfect location for the seaside. Medieval alleys overlooking Sandy beaches are the intriguing combination that let this Little village steal tourists’ hearts. Our tip: take a stroll during sunset and admire the beauty from Porta Pescara: it is the only surviving gates of the four that opened the city walls. It is located in the old part of the city, near the beach and the ancient port, and it frames the wonderful view of the sea through its Gothic arch. Take pictures, on your phone, cameras or in your mind: a moment you will never forget.


It is known as the Pearl of Sicily and is not far from Catania and the Etna Volcano. In Taormina, this elegant and beautiful village, you can breathe the ancient Greek culture: one of its main attractions, in fact, is the Greek Theatre. Built by Greeks, it stands in front of an incredible panorama from which you can admire the Ionian Sea and the imposing Etna. On some steps is engraved in the name of Philistine, the wife of Ierone II, the tyrant of Syracuse who probably had the theatre built in Taormina. The building was built again in Roman times. Today in the theatre, which once could hold up to 5000 people, hosts concerts and exhibitions. From here, you can admire one of the most beautiful views of Sicily. Among all the places and apartments in Sicily, here can be a choice for your accommodation: a dream.

Since our previous mentions, we cannot forget about the Etna Volcano. It is one of the main attractions, and you can admire it from different cities in that area. But could you imagine admiring it so close, climbing it and see the crater? The good news is that it is possible, of course, you should book a half-day excursion, but it is an unforgettable experience!


According to some interpretations, the name of the second-largest city in Sicily, derives from the affixing of the Greek prefix katà- (“near”) to Aitnè, the Greek name of Etna, meaning “near” or “leaning on Etna”. Things to do in this city are mostly culture-related: strolls through Piazza Duomo, the colorful fishing boats of the harbor, restaurants in the area with excellent fresh fish. And, as if that were not enough, there is also a beach of black sand.

Scala Dei Turchi

The Scala Dei Turchi seems to be suspended between sky and sea and is located not too far from Porto Empedocle. Its name is linked to the legend that the place was the shelter of Turkish ships who climbed the steps in the rock to plunder the lands along the coast. The typical staircase shape is due to the process of erosion caused by water and wind.
This breath-taking cliff stands between beaches of golden sand, to reach them, you need to walk along the natural scale of limestone, from the top of its top.

Favignana Island

Favignana is the ideal destination able to catapult the visitor into a relaxed and peaceful environment, ideal for a beach holiday away from the hectic life of the city. Particularly tasty are the dishes to be tasted based on tuna and local products, handed down from tradition. Of course, what Favignana excels for is undoubtedly the sea, still uncontaminated and with splendid shades, with heavenly corners of golden and very fine beaches that are often tinged with pink thanks to the coral brought by the currents.