All About Champagne – Dom Perignon

By arya

Wine has a very accurate classification of its end-products. It is classified through wine grape used in production, and it can also be classified according to the process used to achieve the output. But the most general understanding is that wine is designated through its type; red, white, blush and sparkling wine. The most popular type all over the globe is red wine, which many seem to enjoy and prefer besides the other options.

But we are not here to talk about red wine; we are going to talk about the most underrated type of wine, that became one of the most iconic drink in the most popular films of all times. This drink is usually paralleled with luxury and elegance and the scene featured with this drink gave way to the fascination of the masses towards this one‒—the Champagne.

In one of the James Bond film, it is true that Martini (shaken not stirred) became a classic hit among young bachelors, but if you observe sincerely, James Bond had a total of 35 glasses of our favored drink in the totality of the film. In the movie, Great Gatsby, it was specified that Gatsby preferred Champagne than any wine. In Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn usually pops a glass before breakfast. This drink was also featured in Champagne and Casablanca.

But other than this, what more do we know about Champagne? Read on, and let’s know more about Champagne.

What is Champagne?

This is a sparkling wine, developed in Northeastern France. Because of the growing popularity of wines before, France obtained a legal right of exclusivity, where the term “Champagne” can only be given to France winemakers, this rule was established in the Treaty of Madrid. The law was reaffirmed during the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. Until now, France exercises this exclusivity rights with the help of the Europe Union.

What Differentiates it From Other Types of Wine?

Like any other wine, wine grapes are harvested from vineyards, pressed through machinery to obtain its juice and set aside to allow fermentation. But Champagne doesn’t stop there; it is then bottled with yeast to allow second fermentation, this process will give the Champagne its fizziness. After this, it is now stored horizontally to allow better aging, after a few months winemakers will take out the dead yeast, and it is now ready for the market.

Though most good wine, come from northern France, it is their advantage that their porous, chalky soil and the cold weather is perfect for wine-growing. This is how sparkling wine is a very appropriate product of their country.

Dom Perignon

You would immediately assume that a very famous connoisseur crafted sparkling wine, but no. Sparkling wine was invented and crafted by Dom Perignon, a monk who was a cellar master at the Benedictine Abbey, because of this he also developed many techniques in winemaking which resulted to a better quality of wine products. He pioneered in mixing different wine grapes for a better taste, but most importantly, he found ways to turn classic red color must (pressed grapes) into clear, sparkling wine.

His innovations led to the longer shelf life of wine. He was the one who administered wooden cork to keep the wine’s fizziness than using the traditional hemp strings which were soaked in oil. He also, invested in upgrading wine bottles by using a thicker one, to prevent it from exploding, due to fermentation.

It was not until a century later that Dom Perignon sparkling wine was introduced to the public. However, in 1936 where a liner of Dom Perignon’s wine named Normandie was sold in the market, the Champagne did not make a hit. It was after Simon Brother, and Co bought 300 bottles from the liner and gave it to their best customers to commemorate their anniversary. The said “Champagne” immediately caught the attention of the masses and from that 100 boxes of the 1921 vintage were directly shipped to the United States.

Dom Perignon, a Taste of Delight

This sparkling wine is always made of two wine grapes: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but the amount upon merging the two varieties changes every year. Also, Dom Perignon is a vintage champagne, this means that it is not made in weak years, and the grapes used are very fresh and young upon harvest.

Dom Perignon became a very extraordinary drink, always breaking its record for the most expensive Champagne to be sold in an auction. In 2010, an anonymous buyer spent £35, 000 for a 6 liter Methuselah, a 1996 Dom Perignon Champagne Rose (Rose Gold). Again in the same year at an auction in Hong Kong, a world auction record was set, when a whole lot of Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne was sold for US$170, 000 or HK$1, 300,000 to an anonymous buyer.

Today, this delicacy has been hitting the charts because of the astounding prices but, for world-class connoisseurs, this Champagne never fails to amaze the drinker with its finesse. You can always browse for Sokolin Dom Perignon if you want to experience its exquisiteness.