How to Choose The Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet

By arya

A lot of individuals today are fond of buying different pairs of shoe for various activities. Sometimes, the problem is that you may find it difficult to find a brand with the best quality, the design that you want and your size. But what if the problem is with you? For example, you have a problem with your foot because it is wide.

In your case, it is not really easy to find a pair of shoe that will suit your foot’s condition. When you have a wide foot, you may even feel like it is a curse because it gives you headache fitting what will suit you. It may even give you discomfort, but this does not mean that you have to give up wearing shoes, right?

Having a wide foot is not what you wanted. Of course, nobody wants it. You were just unlucky having such condition. Sometimes, it is because of your genes, that’s why you were born with having it and this is something that you cannot avoid. It is also because you have a flat foot, which made it develop into a wide foot. Things may have been there since birth, but still, not a reason to quit finding the best running shoes for wide feet.

You just need to know what pair would make you feel comfortable. Remember that with your foot’s condition, wearing the wrong one will lead to more problems. For example, after wearing unfit shoes, you may experience sores, pains and bruises on the sides of your foot. Of course, this will surely give you discomfort. This is not easy, so you make sure to choose the best running shoes for wide feet condition.

Weight and Size

Since you are going to use the pair of shoe for running, then it would be ideal to look for a lightweight feature. When you run with a lighter shoe, you will feel like it is pulling you to move forward. The heavier the shoes are, the more you feel like it is pulling you down. Because of your wide feet, it is not easy to find a pair that can accommodate your size. So, choose the ones with wide toe box and will fit your foot width as well as the length. This will prevent you from experiencing injuries like twisted ankles.


Where will your running activity be? What kind of terrain is on the ground? Remember that you are going to run, so you should know if it is on the road, track, trails or treadmill. With this, you have to choose the right sole and a slip-resistant feature of the shoes.


Depending on the terrain, it is also important to consider the traction. When rubber material is used, then it is good for wet and dry running surface. So, before buying or wearing a pair of shoe, know the surface, where you are going to run.

Heel Fit

Sometimes, you forget to consider the heel when buying shoes. But are you aware that your heel has to be relatively tight? Through this, you can make sure that your ankle will receive enough support. By the way, it must not also be too tight because it will give you a huge discomfort when running. Therefore, this may affect the running performance.


It is also important to choose a design that suits your taste. Of course, when it comes to the color, it will always be your personal preference. This is what usually makes you feel confident when running. So, do not choose a pair that other will simply recommend because they like it. If possible, decide by yourself and make sure it is ideal for the event.


Your comfortability when running will also depend on the cushioning that suits your own preference. Some of you might want more cushioning, while others need less. Sometimes, you cannot tell how long you will be wearing your running shoes. Therefore, choose the one with shock absorption and the ones that can protect your foot, especially your ankles.


I supposed, you should know that the materials used for the upper part of the shoe are also an important factor. One of the materials known for its best quality is mesh for breathability. Ventilation is needed when wearing the pair of shoes for a long time. Through this, your feet will not sweat a lot. Remember that too much sweat may cause you irritation and blisters.


Running shoes must be designed with high quality material. Since you are using this for running, it must be strong enough. With the quality of the materials used, then you can say that this will last longer. Aside from that, good materials can also provide an arch support and improved flexibility. With this, you can experience less pain as well as the risk of injury.