9 Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Larger

How often have you wished that the living room in your house was much bigger than it is? Using the right techniques and tricks, you can ensure it feels much bigger than it presently is. Use the below-mentioned tips to make the living room feel and look bigger.

1. Use light colors

You might have heard that painting the walls of your room with a light shade can make the room look larger and this is indeed very true. However, you can make the effect powerful by using airy colors for furnishings in the room as well. A living room with white sofa, white table, and a white rug can help build a seamless look. If you are not fond of white, you can choose a mid-tone grey for your living room.

2. Add black

Since you are using light colors in the living room, you can add some drama with small elements of black. It will give a strong impression of contrast and the pattern created by the blend of black and white can energize the room without making it look small. You can add some contrast to space and create an interplay of depths by adding different pieces. It will trick the eye into seeing the room bigger than it is.

3. Layer a wall

When you think of playing around depth, it is advisable to add an attractive feature wall. Do it on the wall which has a window. A wallpaper on this wall will look farther away since it is tucked behind the white curtains and it can make the room look deeper. It can also give a break visually and will keep the paper from looking very busy.

4. Skip the coffee tables

In order to make the room look large in size, skip the coffee table and opt for side tables for setting down drinks. When you leave out a table in the center of a seating group, it will instantly make the room look and feel spacious.

5. Use open shelves

Include open shelves in the living room to stash visually appealing pieces without boxing in the room. When you have open shelves, it will feel like you have not lost any space. Alternatively, you can also make the living room storage do double duty by turning the drawer units into a bench. Matt Fox from Fox Transportables portable homes says that one way to make a small space look larger is to opt for round, curved shapes instead of sharp, rectangular ones. You only need to ensure that your storage space is large enough to hold the weight of an individual.

6. Include a lot of lighting

It is true that natural light will go a long way in making the room look large. However, artificial lighting can help too. Include a number of light sources so as to build a bright look in the day and a cozy glow during the night. Try to include lights which have dimmers and use lighting from at least three different categories like table lamps, wall sconces, and floor lighting.

7. Use a rug

Rugs could be used to define a particular zone separately from the surroundings. The rug can help you highlight a large stretch of the floor. Pick one that is close to the borders of your living room and will help add richness to space.

8. Use large mirrors

An addition of mirrors can fool the eye into believing that the room is twice the size and you can use one large mirror to appear like a window to another space. Choose oversized mirrors or a stretch of mirror tiles to create an illusion.

9. Include different focal points

You should be open to adding certain pieces which add personality and drama to the living room. Do not worry if it breaks up the walls or does not create a seamless illusion. When you include multiple, medium-sized focal points in place of one feature, it will encourage the eye to move around the room so you can take it in completely.

Use these tricks to make your living room look larger than it is. You might not want to include everything mentioned here in your living room, hence, it is important to make a wise choice and consider what features will add personality to space. Unclutter the room by removing extra pieces of furniture and create space wherever you can inside the room.