Why Being a Virgin in 20s is Fine and How to Tell Your Man about It

Is it worth talking about?

Many girls, for some reason, are embarrassed about the status of a virgin. In this regard, two things need to be said: first, there is nothing to be ashamed of not having a sexual experience in the past, no matter how old you are. In an ideal world, every woman determines for herself the moment when she is ready to have sex, and it doesn’t matter if she is 18 or 45. Secondly, of course, you need to tell your partner about the lack of experience! First sex should be special, but not because it is some kind of ritual and not because virginity is lost only once. First sex is exciting and sometimes scary, and a partner who knows about your virginity will be more likely to satisfy you. After all, if a man knows that he is your first man, he will most likely try to do everything as carefully as possible. Also, here’s a great article on how to prepare for the first sex, so be sure to give it a look.

How to tell your partner that you’re a virgin?

You have to be direct. Therefore, if you want to tell a guy that you have not had sex, you need to say exactly that – word for word. Hints, veiled meanings, attempts to speak between the lines will not facilitate the establishment of a communication contact between you two. We have some practical tips on how to tell a man about your virginity.

Choose the right time

A situation in which you, having surrendered to passion, are already lying in bed completely naked is not the best moment for an honest conversation about your virginity. The best time for it is when you talk on the most basic of topics, not in the middle of an act.

Do not end a conversation immediately after telling a partner that you are a virgin

If a man reacts to the information adequately, that is, does not try to leave, a conversation can and should be continued. You can share your expectations from the first sex or sexual desires. For example, in what position do you want to have the first sex and what actions you expect from your partner – tenderness, sensitivity. At the same time, it is better to say at once that you need protection in the form of contraception (condoms) and patience. You can also ask a man if he had any experience with a virgin before you.

It is important to have a few tricks up your sleeve before an act of sex. If you want to learn a thing or two about it, then be sure to check out this dating site for beautiful brides for marriage, ask them for a piece of advice.

Do not worry!

Talking about first sex can be harder than first sex itself – this is normal. Yes, you may be embarrassed in this situation, but it will better for you to keep calm. At best, it will amuse or annoy a man; at worst, your stress will be transmitted to him. And the chances that two nervous people will be able to get a pleasant experience are negligible.

How can a man respond?

He will be delighted

Unfortunately, we still live in the patriarchal world, where a woman is perceived as a sexual object, the possession of which can add prestige to a man. In such a world, virginity in girls is very much appreciated by representatives of the male sex, and the opportunity to become the first sexual partner is perceived as a way to get a trophy. Be careful if you know that a guy is paying more attention to the fact of your virginity than you and your feelings, perhaps he is not the best option for first sex.

He will refuse you in sex

This is also possible if a man does not want to take responsibility for your experiences, feelings, emotions during sex. It’s only for the better. Refusal of sex after a partner learns about the inexperience of another partner, can speak either about the frivolity of their intentions (he wanted sex as a one-night-stand) or about their self-doubt.