Push Up Jeans

By arya

Today we will talk about an item of clothing in the closet of almost anyone, but that is often underestimated or is not chosen according to individual criteria, but on the basis of those suggested by the fashions of the moment: jeans

Skinny, boyfriend, embroidered or ripped, jeans are a must-have for every wardrobe: but which one to choose? And how to wear jeans to be at the top at any age and with any type of body? Continue reading the post to discover our suggestions

Skinny jeans, perfect for everyone

This type of jeans, very popular in the ’80s and back in the limelight for at least 10 years, are perfect for those with a slim silhouette, but tend to highlight the hips and thighs softer

This does not mean that they can only be worn by fusiform girls; on the contrary, they are potentially universal, provided that a balance is re-established between the hips and the feet.

In short, a style with skinny jeans and over sweater, combined with a nice makeup fits all!

Don’t you have thin ankles? There is a solution for this too! In fact, we welcome the tight jeans stuck in the boots, whether it’s ankle boots, riding boots or boots with dizzying heels!

In this way, at all ages, you can have your legs and feet warm in winter or protected from the rain during the mid-seasons, not giving up this model of jeans!

Push up jeans, a revolutionary must

For those who do not want to emphasize or optically enlarge the back, jeans with excessively small back pockets or that do not present them at all, or discoloured in areas with little tactics (such as buttocks, or inner thigh) are not recommended.

However, these details can be very useful for those who want a seemingly more round and full seat!

Try for example a look with the new Freddy push-up jeans which are among the most popular brands of body shaping. These push up jeans deliver smoothing effect that perfectly shapes your waist, thighs and hips thanks to the high quality of the fabric, on which have been applied reinforces and sewing in strategic positions.

Another aspect to be noticed, however, is always the waist of jeans that, if not tight enough, will inevitably make you glimpse the underwear when you sit or bend – a detail that has never been elegant in any era.

Low, medium or high waist?

The height of the waist of jeans can do great things for the silhouette: for example, high-waist jeans are great for those with an androgynous physique and want to give the impression of having more curvy hips, and are great to accompany crop top t-shirts while keeping part of the belly covered. High waist jeans, narrow at the bottom or flared, are easy to match and are great classics!

If you have flat buttocks or buttery hips, low-waist jeans are for you, as long as you don’t have a bit of tummy. The best and most democratic solution for all types of body are jeans with a classic waist that start about 2-3 cm below the navel, provided they are the perfect size for our body (and we know that unfortunately it is not easy to find pants that fall so well, unless they are made to measure or adjusted by a tailor).

That’s because jeans that fall when you bend over, or that on the contrary squeeze life, ruin the whole thing, even with the best intentions!

Fortunately, recently, there are brands of jeans that offer models suitable not only for different sizes, but for every body type, luckily, lately we’ve been thinking about the diversity of bodies!