What Role Exercise Plays in Overall Fertility and During IVF

Though good parenting is an essential part of every couple’s personal goals, it is becoming that takes a long time and patience. Several couples around the world are ready to get on with the next stage of their lives. However, they do face some unforeseen fertility issues that become IVF. And when it comes to this, most people are concerned about things like safety and how people can stay active and healthy while trying to avoid various risks. On that note, here’s a quick understanding of the role that fitness plays in fertility and how you can also boost your chances of becoming pregnant in the future.

Basic points you should know exercise during about IVF

Getting a good amount of exercise and nutrition can help and improve a person’s well being and health. However, it is important to take care of your physical health and reduce BMI in order to make sure your pregnancy is healthy.

Although moderate and mild exercise is considered acceptable, patients must also be careful about the kinds of exercises they do. In short, they should remember a few important points when it comes to IVF exercises:

  1. Work with your comfort zone
  2. Avoid cardiovascular exercises that are of high impact
  3. Don’t exercise too much during certain stages of IVF
  4. Try low impact exercises that help reduce stress.

Although these are great beginners, it is always advisable to speak to your doctor. They will know your case and will be able to suggest the best exercises that suit you as well.

Do something within your comfort zone

When you are planning to exercise in IVF, make sure your workouts are within your comfort zone. If your exercise routines are way too stressful and difficult to manage, we suggest you stop immediately. If you are someone who is highly active, you can continue with strenuous workout even if you are in the early stages of IVF. However, make sure that as the treatment progresses, you have to avoid exercises that are high impact or involve a lot of cardio. This can cause massive blows to your success rate.

 Don’t indulge in strenuous workouts

For a lot of people, it can be challenging in exercise routines that are long-standing. If you are in that stage, make sure to avoid it. The biggest reason why patients are told to avoid high impact cardio and aerobic workouts is that during the process, it could cause ovarian torsion & that is something you should avoid. When you go for an IVF treatment, make sure the ovaries become big. With hardcore strenuous workouts like running, it is quite possible that the ovaries will twist and it will complicate the entire process. Apart from that, other injuries and falls on the abdomen during the workouts can compromise with the reproductive system too. Cardiovascular exercises are really important for your mental health and that’s why it’s beneficial to try the modified versions.

Can exercise have an impact on your fertility?

Being underweight can have a severe impact on your hormones that negatively affect ovulation, just like being overweight does. And not engaging in sufficient activities can be associated with disturbances within the menstrual cycle. This can lead to infertility. The good news is that having a good exercise prescription can restore your menstrual cycle. Several studies have also said that exercise can improve fertility. It has restored ovulation among thousands of women out of which several got pregnant. Because exercise can restore ovulation, many of these pregnancies occurred with fertility treatment.

Can you lift weights during IVF?

After knowing whether you should exercise during IVF, many people have also wondered if lifting weights is a good idea. Doctors suggest that very low weights or just low weight dumbbells can be used. Get rid of all the heavy lifting from your routines, such as kettlebell swings and kettlebells. Others have also debated about heavy weight lifting during pregnancy, but it is always better to stay on the safe side than trying to get out of the situation later. It is also advisable to speak to an expert on whether you should lift weights.

So what should be done instead?

Your health is a lot more than just exercising. Exercising helps take away stress, reduce anxiety levels and provide a good and healthy distraction. However, you will have to find other ways if you are in IVF. You can take slow and long walks or even spend time with those who love you. The IVF cycle gives you a great opportunity to reflect on your life, slow down, practice meditation or other exercises that are good for your mental health. You can take some time to prioritize and respect all the changes your body goes through during IVF so that the pregnancy becomes possible. Respect the fact you could need some more rest as you prepare yourself for a new baby.

To several women, giving up on their workout routines is not always easy, but you can definitely find great rewards if you stick to it. Speak to your doctor about what kind of exercise is suitable for you at this time and don’t forget to be kind to yourself. Your body is going through a lot during IVF, so make sure to acknowledge that always. Let your focus be on having a healthy lifestyle, getting a good amount of rest, walking and make sure to stay far from rigorous activities.