5 Creative Baby Shower Ideas You Should Try

By arya

Baby showers are one of the trendiest parties people are throwing these days. Women love to take their pictures, open gifts and eat cake! With so many baby showers happening, people want to be creative with their parties so if you have an upcoming baby shower, no need to fret because we have fantastic ideas that you will love.

1.Throw An English Tea Party

Who doesn’t love tea parties? Throw an English tea party where you can ask all the guests to come wearing pink gowns. Serve all the British tea party snacks like Buttered bread, thin slices of cooked ham with a little mustard, Coronation Chicken, Egg Mayonnaise, Cheese and Pickle, and Roast Beef.

2.Barbeque Theme

A barbeque is always fun, but when it is a baby shower, it will be so much more exciting. You can throw the barbeque themed party by your pool. If you are not sure about how to prepare the barbeque, you can always get the best rotisserie oven for making juicy barbeque.

3.Play Games

Although baby showers are pretty fun on their own, some games will give a chance for all the guests to interact with each other. The right games can make your baby shower a lot more fun! You can ask the guests to bring a baby picture each and then everyone has to guess who is who. If you want to try out your celebrity knowledge, you can ask everyone to link up the baby names with their right celebrity parents. A fun activity for the mother-to-be would be to have all guests write down baby traits such as eyes, hair color, etc. after that the mom-to-be can write down if she wants her baby to have those traits from her or the father.

4.Girls’ Night Out

If there is anyone who needs to have a girls’ night out, it is a mother to be. With a baby on its way, pregnant mommies do not get an opportunity to hang out with their friends, and you should arrange that. Invite close friends of the mommy-to-be, have everyone dolled up in their best dresses and high heels, and head out in town. If you don’t want to dress up, visit a country western bar for some dancing fun. If neither of these options sounds appealing, everyone can go for dinner at a fancy restaurant. Choose a venue where everyone can have a relaxing evening.

5.A Piece Of Advice

Pick a theme of the party and then give out cards to the guests. Ask the guests to fill out those cards by writing down what they would like to advise the mom-to-be. Cut out the cards in different shapes and colors to make them look attractive.

Pregnancy is a special time for a mother, and it needs to be cherished and celebrated. Mom-to-be needs to feel special and happy during this time, and you can do just that by arranging a baby shower.