Getting an Eventing Horse for the First Time

If you are thinking of getting an eventing horse for the first time, then it needs to be one that has a highly elegant trot or a high gallop. You need to look for a horse which is fun for riding and also great to be with. It should also be able to take you on itself and also make you feel comfortable in the beginner level events that you participate in. You should not focus on the competitive results in this stage. You should try and learn about the sport first.

Fun to be with

In the field, you need to ensure that the first horse that you get is pleasurable to work with. He should crosstie. He needs to stand politely for his vet and his farrier. He must load easily and should tack up and not create any problems. Horses that are either unpredictable or too moody and kicks and rears would be completely unacceptable at this stage for you.

Under the saddle, it is important that your horse should have some aptitude for three types of sports which make eventing a unique sport.

Dressage: It shall begin with only three proper gaits.

Walking: You should get a horse that has a smooth and free gait. It should have a swing style of walking. There must not be any choppy strides and tendencies in the horse for stubbing his toe and looking ungenerous. He needs to track up. His hind leg needs to step ahead from its footprint made by the forefoot on the same side. There also needs to a steady rhythm to the gait.  Your horse must not have any irregularities here.

Trot: The trot of the horse needs to have a 1 and 2 cadence. It should cover its ground in an attractive yet comfortable manner. The trot needs to be also maintained when you ride him. You should be able to signal the horse with taps from your legs to trot easily.

Cantering: You should have a horde that can hold itself in a canter. You should not have to use really hard grips on its reins to stop it from speeding up. You must not use sticks or spurs for getting the horse to canter again.

Besides these, it will also be helpful if the horse that you take can take leads, also steer well in all directions and will accept its bit well while maintaining a steady position with its neck and its head. For more information on getting eventing horse, you need to visit


Horses are one of the most amazing pets that you can get. These are smart animals who are highly intelligent and yet benign and docile. You can choose an eventing horse based on the points given in this article when you are just going for beginner level competitions. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

Know about horses and their behavioral patterns are necessary when you are planning to get a horse. Read our blogs written by experts to know about horses in details.