How Instagram is the Perfect Medium to Show off Your Creativity

By arya

We’ve all heard about Instagram and we know what it involves: you take a picture and upload it for the world to see. You can also use it to have a look at what others are doing. While it started life as a social network for keeping friends and family updated with the goings-on in people’s lives, it has evolved in recent years into something far larger that reaches a lot further: It has become a mirror for society and, when held up, it gives us an insight into what’s going on in all the different corners of the world. Therefore, it can be useful if you want to find out information about products, the weather or the latest news. You can also use it to keep track of your favourite celebrities while entertainers use to share their content with the world. Similarly, it has become a hub for creative people to share their ideas with a wider audience, something which its visual medium captures perfectly. Painters, musicians, actors, hairstylists, interior designers, wedding planners, etc. The list goes on but they all have one thing in common: They have seen the potential that Instagram has to display their designs and ideas in a shop window that hundreds of millions of people pass by.

How big is Instagram?

The main attraction that Instagram has is its number of regular users: in the summer of 2018, Instagram announced that it had more than a billion active monthly users while half of this number were active on a daily basis. Additionally, more than three hundred and fifty million Instagram users access the platform several times over the course of the day. Another important figure regarding Instagram users is that a little over two-thirds of them are under the age of thirty-five, with this being a key demographic in marketing terms. While the number of users is one important consideration, the statistics regarding their behaviour is another one: 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business while 60% have bought a product that they first found on the social network. Instagram users are also more likely to engage with businesses and brands, with their rate of engagement far outstripping that of Facebook users, the social network with the next best rate of engagement. If you are considering new ways to share your ideas with the world then Instagram is certainly one to bear in mind. With so many people out there who may potentially be interested and with many of them demonstrating business-friendly behaviour, this is a place that can help you make it big.

How to use Instagram to make a name for yourself

If you think Instagram is a good way to have your ideas reach a larger audience then the first step is to make an Instagram account. Depending on what it is you want to share, you should follow other Instagram users who operate in a similar area to you. This way, you can get an idea of what your competitors are doing and it may inspire you or it may help you decide to come up with something different. This is a beneficial approach for you in another way as by being a follower of your competitors, you will become visible to their other followers. If they are interested in what your rivals are offering then they will surely be interested in having a look at what you have to offer. If you are using Instagram to show the world your creations then there are a host of features which can be used to enhance the way you present them. Filters are a big deal and there is a long list for you to choose from. It is suggested that you choose one filter and stick with it; this will give your posts a distinctive look that is carried throughout all your posts and allows you to develop your own style. Hashtags are another important feature to get to grips with and by including popular ones that are relevant to your content you can attract a lot more visitors to your uploads and your account.

Other ideas to gain more exposure on Instagram

Instagram’s algorithm places a lot of importance on the interaction Instagram users have with other users. This means that the more likes, comments and followers you have, the more visible your posts and your account becomes. It is recommended to people who may be interested in your ideas and it appears higher up the list of searches for hashtags you have used and the location you are tagged in. In order to increase interaction, you need to have more people passing through your account and this comes from interaction. To get the ball rolling, you can visit one of many websites, such as, where you can pay to have real Instagram users interact with your profile. This interaction comes in the shape of likes and comments to posts that you upload or you can order followers and pay for regular engagement with genuine Instagram users. With this additional interaction, your profile will gain more attention and should attract even more users. If you are a creative person and you want more people to have a look at what you are designing, Instagram is the perfect place for it. This is down to its large number of users and its focus on using images to share messages.