How to Interact With Your Spouse

Most marriages start off with two people hopelessly in love. You go for your honeymoon and fall even more in love. You get back home, back to real life and it hits you that you are now we and not I. Suddenly, you have to consult someone about every decision you make.

You can’t hang out with your single girlfriends as much or your boys because you have to be home for dinner. A lot of things change when you get married, and one of them is communication. Most people rate the success of marriage with how well a couple communicates with each other.

Before marriage, communicating with your partner could have been easy. Even after an argument, you would have met, talked it out and end up making up. When you get married, this can change quickly, maybe because you had some expectations that have not been fulfilled, among other reasons.

Poor communication can ruin a marriage enough for a couple to decide to get a divorce. However, below are different ways you can interact with your spouse.

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Casual conversations

Has something ever happened to you at work or at the grocery store that you want to call your husband and tell him about it? If your answer is yes, go ahead and do it. Constant emotional vulnerability can be exhausting.

Simple conversations about the weird or funny stuff that happens within your day are fun and less daunting. Make it a habit to call up your spouse and have a good laugh.

Non-Verbal Communication

You don’t have to talk to communicate. If you are a person who gives people the silent treatment, then you know precisely what non-verbal communication is. Non-verbal communication is speaking through actions such as facial expressions, behavior, gestures, among others.

The way your spouse reacts to what you say will impact your understanding of what is being spoken. For example, if you suggest something to your partner and they frown, you will interpret that they are displeased with the idea.


There are always sensitive conversations that you have with your partner. Holding your partner’s hand before having a serious discussion can reduce the amount of tension during the talk.

You will notice that when the conversation is headed toward an argument, you will stop touching each other. When someone you love touches you, it calms you almost immediately, and you become attentive to what they will do next.

Through marriage counseling in Boulder offered at marriage clinics, you will learn that effective communication is dependent on timing as well. Sometimes you are not in the mood to talk or be touched, but it doesn’t mean that you and your partner cannot interact especially in this digital era.

If you are having trouble communicating with your spouse, before resorting to divorce, take the time to learn about effective communication from a qualified professional.