Main Reasons Why Most Men Experience Hair Loss As They Age

By arya

Hair loss is as common in men as it is in women, probably more so. And just like women, men also don’t want hair issues affecting their looks. Hair has been associated with beauty since ancient times. Having good hair gives you good looks, good personality, and confidence in yourself. It’s why most men have a tough time with thinning hair and receding hairline issues. And it’s also why many men prefer using toupees and custom hair systems instead of staying bald. However, nowadays, you can also regrow your hair in some cases or get treatment to reduce or prevent hair loss. But to do that, you first need to know if regrowth is possible for your hair problems or not. It usually depends on the cause of hair loss and how it is treated. So, let’s take a look at the most common causes of hair loss in men. 

Male Pattern Baldness

One of the most common causes of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness caused by genetics. Also known as Androgenetic alopecia, this condition is related to the genes and male sex hormones. In this condition, you can see a pattern of receding hairline and thinning hair on the crown. Typical male pattern baldness starts with the hairline and gradually moves backward to form an ‘M’ shape. The hair starts growing shorter and thinner until eventually it creates a U-shaped pattern on the sides of the head and a bald area at the back. Sometimes, treatment can help stop or slow hair loss and even regrow hair. However, it’s advisable to visit a doctor for a better diagnosis and treatment.

Alopecia Areata

Another reason for hair loss in men is alopecia areata. It’s a disease in which your body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles and causes hair loss. In this condition, hair loss is not restricted to the scalp only. You may lose hair anywhere in the body whether it’s the scalp, in your ears or inside your nose, your eyebrows or eyelashes. This disease is easily treated with medication. You can regrow your hair on your own too but if it doesn’t grow itself, you can always get treatment to stimulate hair growth. 

Infections on Scalp

You may also end up losing hair on your head if you develop any infection in the scalp like Ringworm, etc. Some infections can make parts of your scalp scalp and inflamed. While some can create a bald spot on the head. But with the right treatment, you can get rid of the infection. And once the infection is gone, your hair will start growing naturally again.

Medical Issues Causing Hair Loss

Among other reasons for hair loss, medical issues are also common. Sometimes hair loss is a result or side effect of some other medical condition like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, iron deficiency, Anemia, nutrition deficiencies, etc. You may also lose hair when you’re undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer or other illnesses. This isn’t a permanent condition and you can easily regrow your hair once the treatment is done. 

Extreme Stress or Shock

Also known as telogen effluvium, this type of hair loss can occur due to extreme stress or shock. Although it’s less common than male pattern baldness, stress is sometimes the reason for losing hair. This type of hair loss affects the entire scalp at once. This means that you won’t have any receding hairline or gradual balding. Instead, you may notice excess shedding or diffuse hair loss. This condition is due to emotional or physiological stress and hence cannot be treated with regular medication. Usually, this condition reduces once the stress levels are reduced. 

Diet Problems

While it is not a very common cause, improper diet can also cause hair loss in some people. Vitamins and minerals like iron, biotin, zinc, vitamin D, etc are linked to good hair health. If your diet lacks these vitamins, over time your hair will feel it’s effect. When you’re dieting you may also notice some levels of hair loss. This is however, a temporary condition and your hair will start growing regularly once you include the necessary nutrients in your diet again. 

No matter the reason for hair loss, the main thing to remember is that most hair loss issues are curable and easy to treat. And if you can’t treat it, you can always use a hair system. With a wide range of styles, textures, and colors, hair systems are as much a fashion statement as healthy, happy hair!