How to Read Labels for Dog Foods

Healthy diet is every ones basic need. If you own a pet then it is just not a need but it’s right. Pampering your pet is your duty and selecting the best food for it is essential. There are certain dos and don’ts for your dogs diet you can check them online or you can consult a vet.

There are thousands of online services that provide free consultations. There are numerous dog breeds and each one differs from others. For instance if it is an border collies then you have to make time for its physical activities. Similarly the food selection would vary from other breeds. You can have suggestions for best dog food for border collies.

Nevertheless which ever breed you are having you have to be extra careful while feeding them. In market there are number of products that claim to be a healthy diet for your dog and people easily rely on them. In my opinion when you are bringing up a pet then its your duty to get a know how and awareness about its diet essentials.

The dog food packages come with a label on them so that the buyer can compare its constituents but most of the time it is difficult to analyze. We have got you a summarized guide for selecting the best dog food.

Meaty products

If you are buying some meaty food then keep in mind that it must come up at the top with 75%weightage. If this is not the case then it means that the food is dried up meat. It is not harmful but you have to stay a little more meticulous while giving such feed. Do not let your dog over eat meaty food. Twice a week is enough.

Secondly, the meat by products are mostly livers and bones. These are rick in vitamin A. They are not harmful either. Many companies label by products as esophagus, heart etc. Such products are hood for your dog, these are essential for a healthy diet.

Artificial constituents

Many of us think that the artificial ingredients are harmful for dogs. It is just a myth. All of us eat processed food and all those preservatives such as fructose corn syrup and benzoyl peroxide are labelled safe by FDA. Check out a list of safe additives and preservatives and compare the artificial components list with that before buying any dog food.

Life stages

Look for food which says suitable for all ages. If you have got puppies then make sure that you get food specifically mentioned for puppies. Do not take it for granted. Many associations and companies have mentioned the right amount of nutrients for a specific age ask your vet for this and compare it with the labelled ingredients.

Minimum amount of carbs and protein

According to national research council almost 10 percent food should be protein on a daily basis. As far as low fat foods are concerned so they are also healthy if you feel that your pet has become a bit lazy, only 5.5 percent carbs on a daily basis are thought to be best for a healthy dog. So while you are buying dog food make sure that you are considering all these things.