Energy Efficient Quick Tips for The Summer

Extra Cool

So you’re trying to be extra cool this summer, right? And by that we mean, your temperature and your wallet. But that might require thinking a bit more long term. We know that running our air conditioners all summer long is a huge suck on our finances and our energy grid. So we’re bringing together some of the best tips to save on your energy bill and have a positive impact on the environment.

A Hero at zero

Who says you can’t have it all at once? As it turns out, our homes are the biggest energy drains in our lives, even more so than our cars. You can always drive less, buy a hybrid, but you generally can’t occupy your home less than you already do. What you can do is look at programs like those run by the federal government meant to help you get to “Net Zero” with your energy consumption and production in your home. Some of the little tweaks they mention really do add up (and subtract from your bill).

Use that shiny thing in the sky

One great way to get to that coveted Net Zero goal is through home solar. The right home solar setup can reduce your bill by thirty to seventy percent! Many companies that deal in solar are now offering $0 down on leasing as well as great warranties to protect your investment. Companies that offer solar products are also often well-positioned to help you audit your home and can suggest ideal solar solutions to help you harness the power of the sun as a way to save. As this renewable energy resource becomes more affordable for consumers, you will want to join the club and realize the savings on the early end. Don’t get left out!

You’ve got options

Replace an old appliance. Change those lightbulbs. Check your windows and doors for proper ventilation. Invest in newer appliances that use less energy (and will save you money in the long term). Swap out old filters in air conditioners and make sure their coolant levels are high enough. Stay off of standby mode for appliances (just turn them off when not using them). Do your laundry and consume more during off-peak hours (usually before 10am or after 10pm) when possible. There is so much you can do to leave a smaller footprint on the planet and your bank account when it comes to staying cool.

Make it a family experience

Another great way to cool down and save a bit is to engage the family in the work. Ask the kids to turn going energy efficient into a big math problem and let them know that the money you save could be put towards a day at the waterpark! Get the local community and your neighbors involved in “hacking” your house with some of the tips mentioned above. You can return the favor in exchange and call it community service. It’s also a great way to get others invested in things like solar and energy efficiency.