The Complete Guide To Cleaning Your Modern Chandeliers

By arya

Modern chandeliers have become the defining décor components in most homes. The lighting is used for decoration and adding a fancy touch to bring the wow factor in a room. Once you install the chandeliers, they open endless opportunities for enhancing your home décor.

Despite the thrill that comes with chandeliers, you can only reach the optimal potential by ensuring they are maintained in top condition. This post is a complete guide to cleaning modern chandelier lighting in your home or facility.

Turn Off the Power off before cleaning the Modern Chandeliers

Before you can commence cleaning chandelier lamps, it is important to carefully inspect the wiring system to ensure that there no short circuits. Loose connections can easily develop when changing the bulbs or maintenance routines. If you find electrical faults, make sure to repair them before starting to clean the chandelier lighting.

Turn off the power before commencing the cleaning process. Instead of simply turning off the switch, you are advised to cut the power on the mains to ensure that no current can harm pass through faulty wiring.

How to Clean Modern Chandeliers

The safest method of cleaning the chandeliers is wiping off the dirt without removing the crystal components. Simply spray the crystals and wipe off the solution using absorbent cotton gloves. The recommended spray solution for cleaning chandeliers is one part isopropyl alcohol to three parts distilled water.  If you find it hard to prepare the solution, warm soapy water should be sufficient.

If the crystals have a lot of dirt such as soot and grime, you will need to remove them first. You can hand-wash the crystals in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry with a cotton cloth. Once dry, return the crystals carefully to get the original sparkle.

If the chandelier only had some dirt and simply require dusting, you should only use a lamb’s wool or feather duster.

How regularly should you Clean Modern Chandeliers?

Now that you know how to clean your chandeliers, the next question is; “How often should you clean them?” On average, your chandelier lights should be cleaned every two to six months. However, the cleaning frequency could be more regular or depending on where the chandelier is used. For example, contemporary ceiling lights used in the kitchen require regular and detailed cleaning because of grease & oils accumulation and moisture from sinks and boilers.

To maintain your chandelier sparkling clean requires a regular cleaning schedule. You can schedule to clean the contemporary lighting every two weeks to reduce the risk of grime accumulation. Indeed, if you clean the chandeliers often, they will last longer giving you the original attractive illumination they had when new.

When to Seek Help with Modern Chandeliers Cleaning

While the process of cleaning chandelier lamps can be relatively simple, there are times when you are not suited to do the job. Unless you are an expert, it is advisable to seek help from people with ample experience.  Here are instances to consider seeking expert assistance.

  • The chandeliers are positioned too high. If the chandeliers in your facility are located too high and reaching them might be a problem, consider working with an expert.
  • The contemporary ceiling lights are many. This is the case with most commercial facilities such as hotels that have multiple chandeliers in the dining, hallway, and guestrooms. Contracting cleaning firms ensures that the lamps are cleaned fast to avoid interruption of your enterprise.
  • You are unsure of how to handle the process. Though the process of cleaning contemporary lighting is indeed simplistic, it is an uphill task especially to people without a background in electricity and/ or chemistry. If you feel inadequate, consider seeking assistance.

If you use modern chandeliers in your facility, the thrill of their sparkle is dependent on how well they are maintained. Simply follow this guide to learn how to clean the lamps and maintain them in top condition.