7 Common Users of Self-Storage Facilities

The United Kingdom has seen its internal self-storage industry grow. Large cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool has become primary self-storage real estate. Many are realizing that storage facilities have a lot of uses. It is an ingenious solution for storage problems not just for personal use but for commercial use also. Aside from this, UK Residents are not the only ones who can benefit from having storage facilities. Travelling businessmen may also store their items inside self-storage units so they do not have to lug all their items with them.

Storage units provide its users with a safe and secure space to store all the items that they can’t fit inside their house. Climate Control and 24/7 Access increases the convenience that tenants experience. There are a lot of additional amenities that you can add in a storage facility not only for your convenience but also for its security. The environment is as much your enemy as intruders. Mould and other bacteria can grow on your items which is why you need Climate Control. Of course, you would want to lessen the chances of damage to your items.

Users save up hundreds or even thousands of pounds a year because they favoured a storage facility instead of a bigger place. Given that the UK would be facing a time of budget cuts due to the Brexit, you would do anything to save up on cash.

Let us face it. We all have a lot of items inside our houses that we can’t throw away but we don’t really need. They may either be too valuable to throw away but, are in a lack of better term, clutter. This means that they take up way too much space inside our house, consuming a lot of space.

A practical person would say start throwing or giving away items. However, this is way too impractical if these items have sentimental value or there is a foreseeable use for them in the future. Unfortunately, they are still just clutter which can take a lot of space for your house.

A cluttered home can make our standard of living lower. It may be a bit uncomfortable to live in close quarters with a lot of items. Many UK residents lose hundreds if not thousands of pounds just because they decide to rent a bigger house not because they need space for themselves but for their items.

While some can afford this kind of lifestyle, many can’t. This drives a lot of residents into debt as housing can prove to be quite expensive. Storage facilities can be the solution for this as it can be accessible to you at any time so you can consider them as an additional room at your house but is just placed at a different location. If you’re not yet convinced that you can use storage facilities, here are 7 Most Common Users Of Storage Units. The list is so diverse proving that everyone can use storage facilities.


Company files are vital to your business activities. While digitizing files are convenient as they are easily more accessible, hard copies are still important, especially as indisputable evidence in court. The auditing process also prefers hard copies as digital files may be prone to hacking and typing errors. Keeping hard copy files are important regardless of your business’ size and industry.

All business transactions and employee contracts will not fit your office. Hard copy files take up space that you can’t afford to keep on company grounds as this may be expensive. Storage units are quite cheaper as compared to renting another office or wing.


Storage facilities may also double as a location for your office. Startups and budding companies who still do not have a lot of budget can use storage unit into offices until the time they get more funding. Most startup offices need minimal space so a storage unit would be ideal. This is cheaper than renting a full office space immediately. You can let your companies grow its roots without the added pressure of having to do well immediately because the office space is too expensive.

People Who Are Downsizing

In a time of budget cuts, you can almost expect a lot of people decide to downsize. This is not a good-willed decision but instead, a forced one. Due to the rising prices in rent, a lot are being forced to move out. To save on rent, many will move to a smaller space to save up on rent. This means that space will be limited. Because many have a lot of items, residents can opt to rent a storage unit where they can store their belongings in.
Personal mementoes, old clothes and unused furniture are just some items that you can afford to put in a different place instead of your home. You do not want to have a house that would look like a hoarder’s.


Craftsmen and artists often have a lot of equipment and machinery that takes up way too much space. Locksmiths, for example, would need to store their items someplace outside their homes for better safekeeping. Storing them in self-storage facilities is a great option especially for those who use their equipment only on a seasonal basis.

Employees who work far from home

Millions of workers have been forced to leave their home because of better job opportunities elsewhere. In an economy where jobs are very hard to find, it would be stupid to just let them go. Living in a different place is a bit complicated especially with a different living condition than before. As there is no use for a big place since you will be mostly alone, professionals opt to get smaller flats and store the rest of their belongings in. If you are a fresh graduate and starting on your first job, a small flat and a storage unit is a far better option than getting a two bedroom house.

Online stores

Many are choosing to store their stocks in storage facilities especially with the eCommerce facing steady growth. Storing stocks in your own home can be dangerous both for you and your items. Couriers can easily just get items from storage units making them for a better online store experience.