What are the Duties Of Funeral Directors

By arya

Funeral directors are also known as undertakers. They are in charge of handling the funeral arrangements until the body is buried or cremated. Here are some of the duties of funeral directors.

1. Preparing Obituary Notices

A funeral director is responsible for preparing obituary notices and placing them in the newspapers. The importance of these notices is to notify close family members and the public at large of the passing of an individual. These obituary notices also have details regarding the burial site amongst other funeral arrangements.

2. Embalming

Funeral directors are also trained and licensed on embalming techniques. Embalming is a preservation process of the body before interment. If 24 hours have passed after death and before interment, the state requires that funeral directors should refrigerate and embalm the body. There are different embalming processes that take place depending on the request of the next of kin or the deceased individual. The funeral director should follow these requests to the letter.

3. Handling The Transfer Process

If the body is to be buried in a cemetery, the funeral director is responsible for arranging for the transfer. Funeral directors need to arrange for the pall bearers, the hearse and any other logistics required before the body is buried in the ground. It’s the job of the funeral director to make sure the whole burial ceremony goes off without a hitch.

4. Cremation Details

If the next of kin or the deceased insist on cremation, the funeral director is responsible for ensuring that the body is cremated as required. They will resolve everything including embalming the body and transferring the body from the funeral home to the kiln. Also, they will transfer the ashes into an urn or respect any other cremation requests brought forward.

5. Preparing A Memorial Service

Before the cremation or the burial service, a memorial service is adamant. Depending on your religion and wishes, the funeral director is responsible for preparing a memorial service. He/she will send out invitations to the next of kin, friends and acquaintances to make sure that everyone is available for the sendoff.

6. Viewing The Body

Some burial traditions demand viewing of the body before burial. Whether it’s done at the funeral home or during the memorial service, the funeral director is responsible for making sure that it goes off without a hitch. The coffin will be propped up accordingly to make sure the deceased is viewable effortlessly.

How To Find The Best Funeral Director

If your loved one has recently passed, you need to get started on the funeral arrangements. Rather than doing all the services mentioned above, you need to look for the best funeral director for the job.

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