Traveling With Your Vape

By arya

The use of vape or e-cigarettes has grown considerably. It is an easy and less-harmful way to enjoy oneself. Many of us vape in order to avoid smoking and that is a good reason to vape. There are all types of vapes these days, from classic to designer. Vapes contain a certain amount of nicotine which is lower than the amount found in a conventional cigarette.

Travelling with your vape can sometimes be a necessity which is why you need to know everything about travelling with one. There is no reason to believe that you can’t travel with it, but it is advised to read this article to know how to travel with one.

Always Have Your Vape in Your Carry-On

One of the most important things which you need to keep in mind when travelling with your vape is that your vape should always be in your carry-on. TSA even advises for travelers to only have such items placed inside their carry-on instead of the checked luggage. Knowing this will both help save your time and ensure that your vape travels with you safely.

Do Not Vape at the Airport or on Flight

This is a no-brainer. However, there have been reports of people vaping at the airport or when on flight. Please don’t do this and save yourself from the trouble. Vaping is strictly not allowed when on flight and you need to ensure that you aren’t high when travelling, so it’s better to not vape at the airport.

Vaping Liquid

There are guidelines to brining liquids along with you. Since vaping liquid like space jam ejuice is liquid, you will need to follow the rules. Now, you can bring vaping liquid when travelling by air, however, you can carry only up to 100 ml (3.4 ounces) of it in a container that fits in your clear zip carry-on bag. If you want to carry a greater amount than this, then you would need to pack it in the checked luggage. Follow this guideline strictly so as to ensure that you have the vaping liquid with you when you land at your destination.

Tips for Travelling with Your Vape

Besides, carrying your vape in the carry-on, here are some tips that will help when you travel with your vape.

Never make the mistake of turning the vape on, especially when on flight. You are explicitly not permitted to charge or use the vape when on the plane. It would even be best to take out the battery to eliminate any chances of it turning on.

In addition to the above, it is in your best interests to check the airline’s website to better understand the rules about flying with your vape. The website might have rules that are more stringent than the TSA.

If you smoke marijuana, never fly with it. Same goes for weed, it would be advised to leave these at home and have the vape cleaned before flying. Sometimes, it might even be legal in the state you reside in, but it’s still not permitted by the federal law. If you fly international, then make sure to research about the country’s law regarding vape use. Safe travels!