Facts About CBD Oil

By arya

People use to consider cannabis and hemp plant as distinct in nature. Though, the fact states that both are the same plant and originate from the ‘Cannabis Sativa and Indica.’ When differentiating Sativa and Indica, a crucial result comes out. Firstly, Sativa is something which holds a low degree of THC presence.

Cannabis Sativa is largely used by the production units in many industries to get CBD oil and hemp seeds as output. Secondly, Cannabis Indica comprises of a high level of THC and is the most important cannabis which is used to get marijuana. Many countries have clearly banned marijuana and its usage. Though, CBD oil is not much restricted in most parts of the globe.
Without any doubt, CBD oil is also a controversial oil. Scientists have shown results in which CBD oil proves beneficial for human health. Though, CBD oil is not completely legal all over the earth.

A crucial aspect which is a major factor resulting in this controversy is about the origination of CBD oil. It is not any difficult job to get CBD either from a hemp plant or the high THC content, marijuana. Also, both of these can’t be stated under a similar category. Hemp is not so close to the high degree of THC as compared to marijuana. With high THC, marijuana gives a clear invitation to the effects of getting really high after its intake.

Certain misconceptions about Hemp

When hearing about hemp and marijuana, people forget to diversify and keep them under the same category. Though, it is not the fact! The origination of both hemp and marijuana is a major reason leading to doubtful confusion. Both are taking origination from the cannabis plants which creates a misunderstanding about the good and bad choices.

Drug War: A way-out to erase the misconception about hemp

As the misconceptions couldn’t find an end, drug war came into existence. During 1909, the war took its birth with the opium ban. Earlier to it, opium was regarded as a famous way to cure health concerning painful conditions.

The 1937 phase

In 1937, the government also intervened in the matter and applied heavy taxes on all the origination sourced from hemp plant including marijuana. With the continuation of the law, there wasn’t any clear statement out stating the plant as an illegal source. It could be only a small contribution to stop some consumers.

The 1970 phase

In 1970, Nixon’s presidency played a major role in making hemp and marijuana as drugs present in the list of scheduled substances. The list was not only rudimentary to the two but also included several other psychedelics. This made users conceive the stereotypical thought as a fact which state about the consumption of marijuana would be a leading factor to cause hazardous health effects. The drugs listed in the scheduled category hit on the statement calling them as addictive substances. A proper schedule five was released which portrayed on the cough syrup as least habit-forming. The passage of time gave a couple of opportunities to the American government for turning on hemp, marijuana, and other cannabis plants.

The 1977 phase

During 1977, Jimmy Carter kept all the steps on the footprints of Nixon. Jimmy concentrated a lot on raising the promotion of ‘Drugs War.’ He put his first step with a clear way to eliminate the presence of marijuana to the fullest.

The fact about hemp and marijuana

Many proven ways came out to clear about the non-addictive nature of both marijuana and hemp. The major fact focused on the consumption of alcohol. In recent studies, researchers found alcohol as a gateway to creating an addiction among users. As now, legalization is getting universal, no user will be deprived of the magical benefits from the substances. The CBD products are widely available with the hemp in the present scenario.

All the studies have given a clear statement about the helpful treatments of CBD products. CBD is a magical way to cure distinct kind of health hazards or ailments. The solutions resulting from CBD work as a fast remedy for skin problems such as acne, muscle pains, or psoriasis, and so on. Tumor condition which is a major problem faced by people can be easily solved with the oral CBD intake. Also, CBD magic can be spread over fibromyalgia symptoms.