Tips for Men- Buying Her A Special Necklace (Expert Advice)

By arya

Let me tell you a story, a decade ago when my wife and I were still in the early stages of marriage, I used to dread having to guess what kind of gift she would love for our anniversary. Now my lovely wife is not the kind of woman that you can read like an open book, and boy did she make it difficult for me to gift her, she doesn’t give a clue!

Luckily, I learned through trial and error and a lot of disappointments, signified through the rolling of eyes what the perfect gift for her looks like, and I have used that formula over the years with success. My dear wife of over ten years happens to love necklaces and pendants with a touch of class. She is not of the Kardashian ilk and prefers subtle jewelry that matches her minimalistic style.

If you are looking for the perfect necklace for your love and have no clue where to start, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Here are some hard-earned tips every man could use when choosing a necklace for his wife or girlfriend. Trust me, you will never go wrong if you follow these tips!

Pay Attention to Her Style

Maybe you are like me, you are quite green in the whole dating or marriage thing. You don’t really know what women are into or can’t tell the difference between a statement necklace and a lariat necklace even if your life depended on it. Most ladies have a specific style in the way they dress, how they do their makeup, and much more. Some like to stand out from the crowd and have a closet full of colorful clothing and jewelry, while others prefer a simpler wardrobe that fits their minimalistic lifestyle.

Don’t Go Bold to Make A Statement

Make sure you pay attention to the style of your lady and buy a necklace that complements their style. Most men would make the mistake of purchasing a bold necklace that they think will wow their partner only to realize that she may never wear it in public ever unless she chose to change who she is. I made the mistake of buying a beautiful necklace with a perfectly color coordinated ensemble of gems for our third anniversary. She only wore it once to an event in her place of work and came back early with the three-thousand-dollar necklace in her handbag

Take Your Time

Don’t rush into buying a necklace, take your time and choose the perfect one. Nowadays you can even buy a diamond necklace online and have it delivered to your address. You can take your time to go through the online listing, compare different options, show it to her friends if you want some advice before you hit the buy button.

You May Need Spy on Her-Literally!

An easy way to find out what she may or may not like is to spy on her by peeking at her current jewelry box. You will learn a lot from the kind of jewelry she already has and probably also avoid buying her something she already has (bummer!). If she has several diamonds or silver pieces in her box then purchasing a gold necklace may not be the such a smart idea unless she dropped a hint that she is looking for something else outside her comfort zone.

Pick Something Trendy

Depending on the time you decide you get her that necklace, you may need to find out what the trend is at that moment. Most ladies wouldn’t mind staying in trend with a necklace that fits their current style. She will also be pleasantly surprised that you actually understand ladies’ trends or you took your time to research and make that purchase.

And Finally, Pick the Right Size

Now, necklaces come in different sizes and shapes, there are those that hug her neck while others hand freely with a pendant attached at the end. Close fitting necklaces such as chokers and collar necklaces need to have exact measurements. You don’t want to buy a necklace that refuses to fit when the moment arrives, do you! You can check her size from the ones she already has.