What Should You Do When You Have A Broken Garage Door Spring

By arya

Keeping your house in tip-top shape involves maintaining your garage door so that it will smoothly function. Your garage door stores your vehicle safely so it is protected from harsh elements. You also use your garage door as a storage space for your lawnmower, bicycles and power tools.

For you to make sure that you get these items in and out of your garage efficiently and safely, having access to a properly functioning garage door is important. Once a garage door is damaged or broken, the feeling you get from your entire house is also affected. Not only will a broken or worn garage door bring inconvenience, but it can also make your home less functional and less sophisticated.

If you are planning to sell your house, a damaged garage door, being the focal point of your home can become a major distraction. Even if you are inviting your guests over, they will feel that you are doing less in maintaining your home. There are many ways that a damaged garage door can create inconveniences. For instance, if you have kids at home and they have not been warned about a broken garage door, they might consider it as a toy and play with it.

If the safety features of a garage door are not functioning, the kids might injure themselves. It is not worth ignoring the signs of a broken garage door. Be sure to address them immediately by checking its components. The garage door spring is one of the components that need regular maintenance. You do not have to wait for this piece to break before you take any action. You have to replace it every so often to ensure smooth garage door operation.

Garage door spring and its function

The spring is vital in ensuring that your garage door opens smoothly. It is an essential part of the opening mechanism of your garage door. The spring makes it easy for you to lift and open the door. When the spring is not functioning properly, opening your door will be harder. It may even be impossible for you to lift it. Although you often get used to seeing the small spring when you open your garage door, you do not pay much attention to it that when it is broken, that is the only time you call a professional for help.

So long as it is working, you do not consider scheduling maintenance. Unfortunately, like any other things, nothing lasts forever. There will come a time when you need to replace your garage door spring. Once you notice that the spring looks worn down, you need to be proactive and hire a professional to do an inspection. Your door will not open once its spring is broken.

How to know if a garage door is broken?

There are signs you need to be aware of to find out if your garage door spring is broken. Once your garage door starts acting up, the problem could be with your door spring.

Broken door cables: A broken spring will cause the door cables to become disconnected as well. While the cables themselves may not be damaged, you need a working spring for the cables to function properly. Your garage door may still open for a few inches, but it will suddenly stop. The spring is a safety feature that prevents the door from being completely opened when springs are worn out or broken.

Loud noise in the garage: A door spring that is unwinding will create a crashing sound. Without checking the door, it might sound as if someone is trying to break in. Your garage door will produce a crashing sound when one of the components of the opening mechanism is damaged. The spring is your door’s critical component that is most likely to cause this problem.

Garage door falls fast: There is a huge amount of weight coming from your garage door. The spring is responsible for carrying most of the load. When it is broken, it will be difficult for your opening mechanism to let the door down easily. You will end up dropping the door rapidly due to the absence of a functioning spring.

Jerky garage door movements: A garage door consists of a two-spring system may have one of its springs broken. While this does not render your garage door unusable, the other spring needs to work twice as hard as before. The spring is still strong enough to lift the garage door, but not strong enough to operate smoothly. Calling a garage door repair Southlake professional to do a thorough inspection will help you get to the bottom of the problem.