Healthy Cars: Alternatives To Fast Petrol & Diesel Cars on Finance

A recent research done by universities of Oxford and Bath revealed that that air pollution from our cars cause the Health service near £6bn every year. Shocking right! This prompted us to write this piece to of why battery powered electric cars are better for the beauty, health and well being of the residents of this planet especially in the UK.

There are several key aspects that you would consider when looking for a new car. One of these is the fuel type, as many drivers will be checking to see whether a vehicle runs on petrol or diesel power. But this does not cover all vehicles, as there are other notable alternative fuels for cars, some of which are proving very popular with motorists. We have highlighted some of those in today’s article.

We will begin with electricity. Electrical cars are becoming more and more common on the road, with EV charging points popping up in ever-increasing numbers at the likes of supermarkets and shopping centres. The leading manufacturers are on track and have either already launched or are in the process of developing electrical cars to stand alongside their leading ranges, and over the next few years, the percentage of electrically-powered vehicles will be a lot higher than it is now. If you are looking for an on-trend fuel alternative, electricity is the obvious choice.

Electrically-powered cars have been around for quite a few years now, though their best days are yet to come, but what about a fuel that is viewed as being almost nostalgic in 2019? That would be steam, which was used to fuel vehicles back in the 19th century. In particular, steam has proven very useful for larger vehicles such as trams and trains. And whilst some would dismiss the idea of driving a steam-powered motor nowadays, they do positively impact the environment in comparison to petrol and diesel, and as the prices of the two most common fuels continue to rise, it is worth thinking about the possibility of driving a vehicle that is powered by steam.

There are other major, powerful fuel types that are worthy of your consideration. Biofuels are one of the more prominent options, covering the likes of bioethanol and biodiesel. Kinetic energy is amongst the most environmentally-friendly alternatives available right now. Heat is not quite as widespread, but it has definitely been noticed by manufacturers, some of whom are working on vehicles that utilise heat as the car’s main source of power. There are several other major elements which are used as fuelling sources, such as hydrogen and nitrogen. In the UK, one particular company is championing the use of electric and hybrid cars. Rix Motors are not your typical car supermarket, their tag line is “a dealership with a difference” and this can be evidenced by cars they stock on their forecourt. With over 1500 different unique used cars to choose from including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, all available with Accept Car Finance. You might be surprised at what you could drive home in, or even have delivered nationwide to your gate or driveway by our team of car delivery experts who promise to find a car that fits your lifestyle. What’s even better is the car is delivered to you so you don’t have to break a sweat from start of the acquisition process to funding until its signed over in mint condition. This process can be completed in 24 hours, imagine that!

So, as you can see, there are no shortage of alternatives to petrol and diesel power, should you wish to go down a different route when it comes to car fuel. Find out more by heading to our website for more electric car blogs