How to Evaluate the Healthiness of Your Relationships?

Humans are emotional beings. We often rely on support from our loved ones in every situation. As a living being, we tend to be close to other people. The tendency is satisfied to a large extent by the relationship which we have with our partners. The fulfillment of our emotions necessitates that we maintain a healthy relationship with our sweethearts.

However, many individuals take this importance of relationship for granted. Just because your relationships are going pretty well does not mean that you take it for granted. You have to evaluate the healthiness of your relationships from time to time. The importance of such a check is not just limited to the relationship with your partner. You need to check the same for your relationships with your siblings and parents

Today, we will help you understand how you can evaluate the healthiness of the relationships you’re in and fix things if there is a problem.

Signs of unhealthy relationships:

Let us first delve into the signs of an unhealthy relationship.

1. Reduction of time spent together:

If the time which you as a couple have been spending together is consistently reducing, it might be a sign of problems in the relationship. In such a case, both the partners need to take the initiative to bring the relationship back on track.

2. A dramatic increase in arguments and conflicts:

The most crucial sign of a problematic relationship is the dramatic increase in occurrences of quarrels and disputes. At the same point in time, the lack of forgiveness and the ability to move on can compound this problem. Most of these arguments and conflicts are over petty issues which indicate that the compatibility between both the partners is going down.

3. The dominance of a single partner:

A relationship is a two-way street. If only one partner dominates every choice and does not even take into account the opinion of the other partner, sooner than later the relationship will turn unhealthy. That is why it is essential to gauge the balance of the relationship. If it tilts towards a single partner, it is a clear-cut sign of an unhealthy relationship.

4. The relationship has become a chore:

The relationships should be a happy part of your life. If they feel like a chore, it is a sign that you are not in a healthy one. They should not be emotionally and physically draining. They should be emotionally and physically elating. In case, you feel otherwise, it is a strong indication that you are in an unhealthy relationship.

There are chances that if you diagnose any of these symptoms, you might be in an unhealthy relationship. It is time to work towards accepting the problem and turning your relationship with your spouse around.

Accepting the problem:

The first thing which you need to do is to recognize the problem. Unless and until you and your partner will not take cognizance of the issues, you cannot work towards improving your relationship.

You have to take a few steps to make yourself, and your partner acknowledges the problems. The actions which you can undertake are:

  • Highlighting the issues in front of your partner
  • Keeping a positive attitude about solving those problems
  • Not being overwhelmed about those problems

When you steer the conversation keeping these three factors in mind, it will be easier for your partner and yourself to accept the problems. Only once you do that, you can go ahead and work towards sorting them out.

Ways to turnaround your relationship:

The acknowledgment of the problem will solve half of the problem. You can tackle the rest of the issues by working mutually to resolve them. There are multiple steps which you can take in this regard.

1. Establishing trust in your relationship:

The stressful period in your relationship drains out the faith. Doubt, as well as jealousy, creeps into the relationship. You have to establish trust in your relationship. The best way to do so is to be transparent and honest in your relationship.

Most of the couples always bring their digital lives under the garb of privacy. If you have been doing the same up until now, it is time to open up not just your physical but also digital lives to your partner.

In today’s digital world, there is no better way to establish mutual trust and then to open up your digital and physical life to your partner. You can even quell your doubts by checking each other phones. There is nothing worrisome about being transparent when you have nothing to hide.

2. Working mutually to improve the relationship:

It is not just the job of a single partner to enhance the relationship. You have to both agree to take specific steps to strengthen the relationship. Once the mutual trust establishes, you can start with the small measures to improve the relationship. These include:

  • Going on date nights
  • Increasing quality time which you spend with each other
  • Remembering the little things that brought you together
  • Letting go of your past issues and grudges (with help of meditation, for example)

When you undertake these few steps along with your partner, it will help you turn around your relationship for the better.

3. Learn when to apologize:

Apologizing does not make your stature smaller. You have to take steps to eliminate the ego from your relationship. When you do so, it will be easier for you to talk over any differences in arguments which you have had.

4. Giving personal space to your partner:

Improving your relationship does not mean that your partner does not need their own space and privacy. You have to know where to draw the boundaries to give them the personal space which they want.

The same goes for you. It is necessary to have some own space and some self-reflection time to maintain a healthy relationship. It will also allow yourself as well as your partner to ponder over the relationship and find even more ways to improve it.

5. Do not hide your feelings:

In many cases, the relationship suffers just because of lack of communication. You should not hide away your feelings. You should be expressive in your relationship. When you tell your partner about the feelings and emotions you have regarding one thing or the other, it will be easier for you to mend your relationship.

It also implies to the gestures of affection that should be shown toward your loved one. You have to use small gestures to improve your relationship. Something as simple as holding the hand of your partner at a restaurant or taking out time to go to bed together can help to ignite the spark that you two once had.

With the help of these five small steps, you can certainly work towards turning around your relationship.


Evaluating the healthiness of your relationship should not be a one-time chore. You should do it from time to time. Once you detect the problems, it is necessary to work towards turning around your relationship and making it healthy. You can do so quickly with the help of the few steps which we have highlighted. It is time to work on your relationships rather than ignoring them.


Olga Andriichuk works as the content manager at Spokeo. Her field of expertise includes relationships and personal growth. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga classes and exploring new destinations.