4 Design Ideas to Personalize Your Baby’s Nursery

By arya

When a little bundle of joy is on the way, there’s nothing else Mom and Dad can think about. There is just so much to do in preparation for baby’s arrival! Names to think of, parenting skills to learn, diapers to buy and, of course, a nursery to decorate.

Decorating a nursery is one of the biggest, most obvious projects that comes to mind during the 9-month countdown to parenthood. After all, this space is where Mom, Dad, and baby will spend a huge chunk of their time over the next several years, transforming from a newborn into a toddler.

You need the nursery to be zen and relaxing for those long, sleepless nights that are inevitably waiting around the corner… but you also want the space to be as bright and vibrant as your little one’s personality! Need some inspiration on how to personalize a nursery? Here are four ideas for how you can bring life to a room that will soon to be “home” to the life you created!

  • Contrast with Chevron

Zigzagging chevron patterns are an excellent way to add a vibrant splash to baby’s nursery. Whether you design using punchy paint treatments, captivating backsplashes, or adorable bedding, this modern spin on a retro look will never go out of style.

Pro Tip: A baby’s nursery should be calm and serene, so consider limiting the color palette to a couple of contrasting hues in your chevron-themed room. Introduce zigzags through the quieter color of the two, and the brighter shade will help to balance out the busy pattern and slow down the pace. Baby will stay nice and relaxed despite the bold shapes, and Mom and Dad will, too!

  • Whimsical Wall Decals

If you’re looking to add distinct personality to your nursery, then your job is made easy with vinyl wall decals. Here’s a few reasons why these accent pieces are often the decorating go-to:

  1. Choose any design you want – whimsical fairies, adventurous pirates, dainty ballerinas, an animal kingdom… your options are truly endless!
  2. Easy to apply and remove – paint jobs are complete overhauls and require you to remove everything from the walls, but if your little one grows up and decides they’d rather share a room with a baseball player than little lion cub, you can easily make the switch to express their interests.
  3. Won’t break the bank – the best part of all is that wall decals are really affordable on your wallet (especially compared to other forms of interior design!), so your guy or gal can change their mind pretty frequently as they explore their interests growing up.
  • Use Height to Your Advantage

More often than not, you don’t have much square footage to work with in the room you decide to convert into a nursery designing a small space can feel like quite the challenge. Too many decorations and pieces of furniture can cause you to feel cluttered and cramped—two emotions that are not conducive to a little RNR for some exhausted parents.

If you’re feeling like you have nowhere to put anything, remember to use height to your advantage! Place the bassinet along the wall as the center piece (because you know that your sweet, sleeping cherub will be the first thing you want to see upon entry!) then hang a stack of shelves outward and upward.

You can use these to decorate with trinkets, alphabet blocks, or a baby prints mold of their little hands and feet. Then, watch with amazement at how fast they’re growing—and make sure their goodies on the shelf are out of reach just to be safe and avoid an accident.

  • Add all the Accents

Once you establish a color pattern and designate a space for all your essentials, you can pick out accents that will make the nursery come together. Pretty bows, an oversized stuffed animal, or gorgeous bedding that seems fit for a king or queen!

It’s the small details that will truly add the personality you’re looking for. Have fun with curtains, but make sure they can convert between extra dark coverage during nap hours and plenty of sunshine when it’s time for baby to learn how to wake up.

Most importantly, have fun while decorating and don’t stress! It’s not good for Mom or baby, so during the entire process, just keep picturing the two of you in your rocking chair, together at last.