7 Styles Coming Back into Fashion This Fall

By arya

Fashion can be hard to keep up with. Year after year, season after season, trends change and it feels like you constantly have to overhaul your wardrobe each time the weather shifts. But there are certain styles that seem to transcend through the seasons and even through the decades.

If you’re wondering what’s coming back into fashion for 2019, we have the ultimate list for you. From recurring themes to ideas on how you can sport the look, we have your guide to the best styles of the fall season.

1) Bold colors and prints

First up, bold prints aren’t just for Fran Drescher…though the phenomenon may have started with her signature animal prints. Nonetheless, bold prints and jewel tones are carrying through from summer styles into fall fashion.

As far as prints go, you can pretty much emulate anything Fran would approve of—whether it’s a cheetah print skirt or animal print flats. The best part is, animal prints take inspiration from nature itself, so styling these items is simple so long as you stick to complementary neutral tones. Or if you’re bold enough, you could even delve into the inspiring and complex world of print mixing.

Autumn is often associated with warm, earthy colors but this season you can feel free to spice it up in the color department. Jewel tones are continuing to thrive in the fashion world, right into fall styles. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a pop of bright color into your wardrobe with items like jewel toned blouses or coats.

2) Trench coats

Whether you live in a cool climate or a moderate one, trench coats are a must-have when it comes to fall fashion. They can pair with any outfit. They’re dressier than a cropped denim jacket or sweater. And, they’re more edgy than all of the above. Enough said.

Now, nobody said trench coats are the most cost-effective option to introduce into your wardrobe. But the truth is, you really only need one to complement your outfits and keep you warm through the fall and winter seasons.

Keep your style classic by opting for a traditional trench shape, but feel free to have some fun with the fabric. A simple plaid print is a good option for those with a more subdued style, while leather trench coats would make sense for those with a devil-may-care kind of look.

3) Rich textures

One of the best things about fall fashion is the array of textures to experiment with as the temperature becomes cooler and the air gets crisper. Wool, corduroy, and knitwear are all excellent options to choose from. A felt wide brim hat is an easy way to incorporate new textures into your closet.

4) Knee high boots

Boots are pretty much always going to be a fall staple, but they don’t have to be ankle booties in order to fit into the latest trends. In fact, quite the opposite is true for fall fashion in 2019. Ankle boots had their time to shine this spring and it’s time for them to resurface once again.

5) Dressed-up athletic wear

I think the athleisure trend is one we can all get behind. I mean, it’s basically taking the yoga pants you already wear to run errands and expanding on the concept with some more intentional accessories to forge a complete look out of your casual wear.

If you want to continue the athletic-inspired trend into the autumn season, consider adding these pieces to your collection:

  • A windbreaker
  • Cycling shorts
  • Basic and vintage tees

6) Wide leg jeans

The wide leg jean trend dates back to the seventies, and it’s still here to stay. No matter which side of the debate you stand on, there’s no denying this shape is ultra-flattering. And, a pair of wide legs can add the dimension you needed to make a good outfit an Instagram-able one.

7) Monochromatic moods

Monochromatic looks were decidedly everything last year, and the same thing goes for fall, too. If you’ve already built your capsule closet, it will be easy to structure these looks. Basically, you choose a single tone and stick with it, simple!


Use this guide to help you collect your fall looks and resurface those throwbacks!