Signs You Need an Employment Lawyer

After a wondrous weekend getaway with family or friends, you wake up on Monday morning and frown because you’re heading to the office and your boss has been harassing you in recent days. You no longer feel excited about going to work, and it’s eating into your productivity. So, what do you do?

Do you go to the authorities and report your boss? Do you quit your job and start looking for a new one? Will moving away stop your boss’s disgusting behavior towards another employee?

Here are vital signs that you need help from an employment attorney, both as an employee or employer. It can be difficult to tell whether your situation warrants you to seek legal guidance or not. But if you’re wrongfully terminated or encounter any of the following red flags, talk to a lawyer:

As an Employee

Relationships at the workplace aren’t always smooth. If you feel that your boss or other employees are violating your rights, seek help. Don’t let anyone abuse or mistreat you.

In most cases, it’s employees that need advice from an employment attorney on how to deal with their bosses. Consult a lawyer if you encounter one of the following issues at your workplace. They’ll determine if you have a valid case; safeguard your job, and get you the rightful compensation.

Discrimination and Harassment

Unfortunately, many workers go through harassment or discrimination in the workplace. If you belong to a protected class, your employer and fellow employees should respect your status. No one has the right to make you uncomfortable at the workplace because of your race, gender, religion, disability, age, or nationality.

It’s a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act for a person at your workplace to mistreat or make you uncomfortable based on your protected status. Various state and federal laws also offer protection against unfair treatment at work.

An employment lawyer will review your case and tell you whether to take legal action. They’ll help you resolve the problem as soon as possible, and in a subtle way. The law requires an employer to make their workplace non-hostile to all employees.

Unwanted Sexual Advances

It’s a huge red flag if a person in a position of authority at your workplace makes unwelcome sexual advances towards you. Consult an attorney immediately and tell them your story. Sexual predators are common in the workplace, and you don’t want to be a victim of one of them!

Some bosses ask for sexual favors from employees in exchange for various benefits. Examples include promotions, salary raises, employee rewards, and even scholarship opportunities. If your boss suggests you have sex with them for such favors, you can sue them for victimization.

If your case is valid, you’ll recover any potential wages or money lost because of such harassment. You can also receive payments for other damages inflicted on you. And this includes the ensuing emotional anguish caused by the offender’s actions.

Frequent Workplace Conflicts

Workplace conflicts are common in many organizations. This is because people are very diverse in their thinking and lifestyle habits. If your boss or co-workers create disputes that affect you, it could cost you your job.

Consult an attorney for professional counsel in such a case. Employment lawyers have heard and seen many work disagreements before. As such, they’re in a better place to determine how to resolve those issues without you risking your job.

Inadequate Compensation

If you’re not paid what you deserve or notice that you’re often denied overtime, an attorney can help you recover the wages entitled to you. Employers should pay employees for all their time spent working. The Department of Labor has information on salary and hour claims by workers who often suffer wage theft.

Also, if you notice that you’re refused promotion or workplace benefits that you for-sure deserve, don’t take matters lying down. Speak up, and if your employer doesn’t listen to you, seek legal recourse.

If You’re Wrongfully Terminated

If you lose your job because of unclear reasons and feel that your employer has mistreated you, an employment lawyer can help you seek justice. They can review your termination and find any signs of wrongful dismissal.
They’ll find a friendly way to help you end things well with your employer. This is good for the sake of your future job opportunities if they need references. They’ll also negotiate a generous severance package to support you until you find a new job.

As an Employer

You are likely to face many labor issues as an employer because you can’t always be on the right. An employment attorney can help you deal with cases brought against you by your employees. They can also assist with other work-related legal challenges.

Some of the most common instances in which you need attorney representation include:

  • When planning to fire or retrench some of your employees
  • When you want to stop giving your workers certain benefits that they’re accustomed to
  • When an employee files a case of harassment or discrimination against you
  • When drafting a collective bargaining agreement
  • When dealing with any other employer-employee disputes
  • When you want to train your employees on laws and rules governing the relationship between you and them

If Wrongfully Terminated, An Employment Lawyer Is Your Answer

If you’re involved in any grave employment-related disagreement as an employee, an experienced employment attorney is your answer. If you feel that someone is violating your rights, they can help you put a stop to it. Also, if you’re wrongfully terminated, don’t go away without putting up a fight!

As an employer, an employment lawyer is your solution to employment-related wrangles. They’ll help you resolve issues or cases brought against you by your employees. They’ll also be by your side to ensure that you don’t violate any state or federal employment laws that could be costly to your company!

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