Essential Bathroom Renovation Tips

By arya

One of the first rooms people look to renovate is the bathroom. According to a U.S. Census survey, Americans spend about $5,500 on small and medium-sized bathroom renovations.

This is primarily because of the benefits that go with a successful bathroom renovation. Not only will you add value to your home but a bathroom makeover can also boost storage space and more importantly elevate your bathroom experience.

However, along with the overwhelming benefits of bathroom renovations come a series of challenges that could tear you down financially. It is best to prepare beforehand to avoid any interruptions with your renovation project.

Fortunately, you can give your bathroom a new look without flushing funds down the toilet by following these easy renovation tips.

Have a Plan and Stick to It

Talk with your family members before calling a renovation company and discuss about the fixtures or finishes you want.

Also, consider how much money you are willing to shell out to cover the bathroom renovation cost. In planning for your budget, always have a little extra for unexpected problems that may occur later on.

Hire a Professional

Likewise, it is advisable to consult an architect or designer before you start.

While it may seem like an expensive chore right out of the gate, keep in mind that these professionals can help you navigate through all the complexities which ensure that your budget, timeline, and design are all realistic.

A professional can also save you time and money in the long run by helping you avoid expensive mistakes.

Other than designers and architects, you should also find an experienced electrician to manage lighting and rewiring adjustments as well as the installation of innovative bathroom essentials.

DIY-ing and Reusing Sanitary Essentials

Among the most efficient ways to cut bathroom renovation cost down is to reuse high-quality sanitaryware or taps.

You can update existing fitting by adding a new surround to the room. This is not only economical but it is also an effective way of maintaining character.

In designing your bathroom, bear in mind that simple is effective. Avoid ornate decorative moldings, steps, and curves to ensure bigger savings.

Consider Waterproofing the Bathroom

With more than a third of accidents happening in the bathroom, homeowners should think about waterproofing the space to ensure the safety of their family members.

Use tile backer boards to line shower enclosures and bathroom walls. Both items not only act as an insulator but also as waterproof devices when taped and jointed.

Having a waterproof bathroom can help minimize the risks of slips and falls as well as leaks which can be completely harmful and expensive to repair.

Install Energy-Efficient Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom renovation can be a great opportunity to save energy, water, and money.

Maintain pressure without undermining water flow by installing water-saving showerheads. This significantly lowers the amount of water wasted in the room.

In addition to water-saving showerheads, you can also install energy-efficient taps to help you cut your bathroom water usage in half.