Best Things to Do in Florida, USA

By arya

Are you planning to visit the Sunshine State in your next holiday? For years now, Florida has been among the top vacation destination not only in the USA and worldwide. However, in contrary to what many tourists believe, there is more to do than just lying on the beach all day. Here are some of the top best things you need to do in Florida, USA in your next vacation.

  • St. Augustine

In case you will be visiting the City of Florida, which is considered to be the country’s oldest city, St. Augustine cannot miss on your top must visit list! There are no shortages of attractions ranging from the shopping on St. George Street, the city’s ghost tours, several world class restaurants. You can never leave without stopping by the Castillo de San Marcos which is among the oldest masonry fort in the US.

  • The Walt Disney World

In case you go to Florida and fail to visit Disney world, then you probably didn’t go to Florida. Disney is known to offer magical time for both kid and adults and it is impossible to get bored keeping in mind the several thrilling rides, delicious meals and special character meet ups. To enjoy full experience, you can stop at these four parks; Animal kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom.

  • Rainbow River

In case you are in search of a better place where you can relax and enjoy during your vacation in Florida, the Rainbow River is an excellent option. You can always rent canoes and kayaks and paddle down the river although the park is the most famous for tubing down the river. It will take around 2 hours to float down stream providing you with enough time to kick back and soak the sun up.

  • Busch Gardens

Florida is known to be very famous for its theme parks and the Busch Gardens is among the best. Situated outside the Disney hubbub, Busch Gardens is known to be an African themed park consisting of roller coasters, safari rides and animal shows. One can easily feed a giraffe! In case you are brave, you can board the Falcons Fury and scream off your head while enduring the 335 foot

  • Florida Keys

Are you interested in living the island life? Then you have to get to the Florida Keys most laid back tropical gateway. Tarpon feeding, paddle boarding, snookering and boating. There are endless list of things you can do in the Keys. Make an effort of seeing wildlife that includes alligators, manatees and dolphins.

  • Don CeSar

Don CeSar is situated directly on St. Pete Beach. For sure, this hotel will make you have a feeling like that of a movie star. Opened back in 1928, this hotel has managed to host a number of top guests right from Britney Spears to F. Scott Fitzgerald. Also known as the Pink Palace, this hotel is ideal for any person who is interested in a great beach gate away.

  • The Everglades

The Everglades do comprise of approximately 1.5 million acres of wet lands. It is home to several alligators. One top best way of getting up close and personal with the wildlife is by using air boat tour through the swamps. In case you are not up to that, you have the option of going for a swamp walk or bird watching. However, you need to ensure that you carry enough bug spray with you.

  • The Lowry Park Zoo

The Lowry Park Zoo is situated in Tampa. It has been recognized as of the top zoos in the country. Despite having lots of fun on its normal day, this zoo is also known to host a number of several events all around the year such as the Chinese lantern festival which is also referred to as the Zoominations, the Halloween celebration and the 5k race referred to as the Zoom Zoom.

  • Harry Potter’s Wizarding World

Situated at the Universal Studios theme park found in Orlando, the Harry Potter fans will be happy with this great experience. Visitors are in a position of exploring the village of Hogsmeade enjoying the butter beer and even get time to visit the Hogwarts itself. After you have explored the Harry Potter land, the rest of the park will be open to you as well.

  • The Dali Museum

In case you are an art and creativity enthusiast, you will definitely get a happy place in Dali Museum. Situated in St. Petersburg, this museum is known to be a permanent home to all the 96 of the Dali’s popular oil paintings together with the prints, drawings, photographs and much more. The visitors will also have a photo taking opportunity with the huge mustache statue found in the garden next to the museum.

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