Everything You Need to Know About IGTV

By arya

What it is, how to use and more

Instagram recently launched its own YouTube or, as it is officially called, IGTV. After the introduction of insta-stories, this is the biggest news from Instagram developers over the past couple of years. As you probably know, I really love all sorts of innovations and today I am in a hurry to share with you the most detailed and complete information about IGTV.

Below you will find information about the most important things you need to know about IGTV, what it is, how to use it, and whether you need to create a new video channel for yourself on this platform.

What is IGTV?

We will begin, of course, from the very beginning and we will understand what kind of innovation it is – IGTV.

So, Instagram is a mobile TV platform that includes some elements from YouTube and Snapchat and connects it all in one place. As you know, Instagram has already made a worthy competition to Snapchat, copying their stories, so now it’s up to YouTube to be copied.

To get more viewers of your IGTV you can purchase Instagram followers. They will interact with your account like any other follower you have.

Will Instagram be a new YouTube? – Time will tell. According to Instagram itself, by 2021 the videos taken on the phone will make up 78% of the share of all mobile traffic. So, friends, if you want to keep up with this trend, then it’s time to learn how to shoot video on your mobile devices. We still have time!

The main difference between IGTV and YouTube is that all videos on IGTV are full-screen and vertical. That is, they are made for viewing on the phone. We have already become more or less accustomed to making videos in this format – we were taught this by insta-stories.


By the way, unlike the stories, Instagram allows the content creators to publish more meaningful videos, the length of which will initially be from a minimum of 15 seconds and up to 1 hour.

While IGTV is just starting its work, the length of the video for all accounts will temporarily be limited to 10 minutes. Only the largest profiles so far will be able to post long videos that can only be downloaded via a computer. But in the future, Instagram plans to completely remove the limits, allowing users to shoot as much as they want.
So, to summarize, IGTV is a video hosting of vertical videos, one hour long, which can be viewed as from Instagram itself, through a new IGTV application or through a computer.


Any Instagram user can create their own IGTV channel on which they can share their videos with fans. IGTV will be organized in the format of channels, not profiles, but, nevertheless, the Instagram profile will be tied to each channel, that is, ultimately, the essence is the same. Thus, when the profile you are following publishes a new video on Instagram, you will receive a notification in the Instagram application.

Anyone can view the IGTV video in the Instagram application by clicking on the IGTV button in the profile. All videos will also be available in a separate IGTV application.

Instagram will select videos for each user based on his interests, followings… You can also view other people’s videos in the “Popular” section. Videos from each category: “For you”, “Following”, “Popular” and “Continue browsing” will be collected in separate folders. As in the case of insta-stories, you can send IGTV videos to your friends via Instagram Direct.

Where to download a separate application IGTV?

The IGTV application can be downloaded from the AppStore and GooglePlay, as well as through a link that Instagram offers from within the application.

Should I download a separate IGTV application?

If you plan to create your own channel on Instagram, then you will have to download the application, since you will upload the video through this program. If you plan to just watch videos created by other accounts, then decide for yourself whether you need another application or not. In any case, you can view IGTV inside Instagram.

The main difference between IGTV will be that there will be no static photos and tapes. All attention will be entirely devoted to videos created under Instagram, which, I repeat, at the very beginning will have an hour limit, and in the future, you can post videos of any length.

What is the difference between IGTV and ordinary Instagram videos?

IGTV is a TV platform targeted at mobile users, so all videos published there will be in vertical format.

Mobile phone users are accustomed to the vertical video format because we usually use the phone in an upright position.

Users trust this video more. “Vertically” we communicate with our relatives and friends. Vertical videos we send through Skype, post them to your Stories and Snapchat.

Moreover, shooting video on the phone is not as exciting as posing in front of a huge video camera. Additionally, progress has reached the point that video on the phone can now be shot in excellent quality and high resolution, and this makes creating video content quick and easy. In modern realities, every person with a telephone is a “director of himself” who can be both a journalist and a film producer, or a live broadcast star.


Well, for now, I’m going to finish my article today. I hope that the information was useful to you! Remember to always have fun on Instagram, this is the best way to see social media. It must never be an obligation. Enjoy Instagram!